Saturday, May 2, 2015

Travel The Wacky World or Visit Wisconsin

Travel the world over and join in the celebrations at wacky festival, or in my case, I could stay in Wisconsin and partake in the same goofiness.

Gloucestershire, England boasts of a Cheese Rolling Festival. Contestants toss cheese down a hill and then Jack and Jill it. First person to tumble across the finish line wins the big cheese. Or, I could go to Colby, Wisconsin ten miles away and join the cheese curd toss competition.

How about a trip to Roswell New Mexico for the UFO Festival? In Wisconsin, take a little trip to Benson's bar and UFO Headquarters a small tavern decorated with alien and fishing decor. Don't forget to make your aluminum foil hat to prevent the the aliens from reading your mind.

Sandwich making competition in England? Boring, I can see that a half a mile away at the local Subway®. Testicle Festival in Nebraska? Fun name to say, but I'm fasting that day.

Like other states, Wisconsin has festivals to celebrate the brat, the cheese curd, beer, your church... all including too much tasty, bad for you, food and lots of beer. You can take part in a variety of eating contests and races. Human bowling, frozen turkey bowling, bed races, and outdoor toilet races. The last activity might have something to do with too much food and beer, not sure. But Sonkajarvi, Finland may have a competition Wisconsin should consider, the Wife Carrying World Championships. The men race carrying their wife and the first one across the finish line wins his wife's weight in beer. This would be the one time you should not lie about your weight.

Do you have any plans this summer? Please share a fun activity from where you live. Let us know if we can stay with you when we attend.
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Suzanne de Montigny said...

What a lot of fun.

Julie Eberhart Painter said...

I thought we outside of Cassadaga, FL had it made with our spiritualist camp, psychics, and descendants of aliens, the tin kind.

Come on down.

Victoria Roder said...

Sounds kind of fun, Julie!

January Bain said...

Not much of a traveller except in my overactive imagination, but that did sound like a lot of fun! Hugs, January