Friday, April 3, 2015

Using Gifts

Cancer has always been near, hovering close, closing in like a vulture. First it attacked nameless faces, then it turned into rumours through the grapevine. Later, acquaintances began to be affected. Then co-workers. Distance family members. Neighbours. Friends.

And now my mom.

I've found that there are many ways I can help her. A hug. A warm hand. Just being there. But the battle she must go through alone, in most ways. I am the outsider, looking in.

My husband and I have joined a Relay For Life team and intend to raise money and walk on behalf of her. A lady named Judy on our team is selling paintings with the proceeds going towards cancer research. I admire her work and wished I had the same talent. But I don't. I have my own, different talents. My skills are not with a paintbrush but with words.

So this week I would share the pieces of some poems I'm creating. They are far from finished. They express my thoughts though. Once completed, I hope they inspire my mother to keep on fighting her fight. A fight that far too many people are having to fight.

"I Am the Fierce"

I am the stars
steady stretching
all emanating
illuminating past their due.

I am the wind
fading strong
wailing whispers
melodizing through
crisp leaves.

I am the fierce
feminine resisting
stretching across
dark spheres.

I am the struggle
yielding never

"Point Counter Point"

turn-away tears
        brow kisses
fear trembles
        squeezing hands
scan results
       comfort blankets
needle pricks
       worry stones
evacuating bowels
       thoughtful prayers
palpitating rhythms
       steadying hands
hospital days
       bedside companions
clogged tubes
       blossom cards
villainous cells
        endless embraces

Jenna (Butrenchuk) Greene