Friday, April 3, 2015


A: You know it's not fair to have snow in April.
Z: Depends on how you look at it. Kids revel in snow days, even in April."
A: Parents go batty. (Pauses as she glares at her boots that simply refuse to cooperate and slip easily onto her feet) Oldies, like us, get cabin fever.
Z: I'm not old, I'm wiser. (Looks out the window to the still falling snow, and then at Ang's struggle) I would have bought boots that fit.
A: They used to!
Z: Fat feet syndrome, eh?
A: We do not, EVER use the F word! (Face turns crimson as much from irritation as from pulling on her boots) I have fluffy feet.
Z: Too many salty pretzels, huh?
A: If you must know, I brushed off most of the salt. The boots are old, and I just haven't gotten 'round-to-it boot buying.
Z: (Finds the can of pretzels and starts to munch, careful not to let any salt fall) Told you not to come in to the office today. Could have worked from home. We could have Skyped. You wouldn't have this new conundrum.
A: I wouldn't call this a conundrum. (One final push-shove-shove-push-loud groan got the boot in place) And I'm not going home just yet. I checked, main roads are still clear.
Z: Soooo, why are you putting on your boots?
A: Because I am fortunate.
Z: How apt of you to use the word fortunate. To steal from an old philosopher, "Fortune is a god..." We have been granted an absolute privilege to be able to channel our creativity, draw upon a life of experiences, and some writing skill, all with a purpose of entertaining. "Industry is fortune's right hand, and fragility her left." is an old proverb. So, to put all that in a pistachio shell..., (he looks confused for a nano second, having ranted) you are indeed fortunate that the roads aren't hazardous and we can spent more time working together. Which brings me back to the point. Why are you putting on your boots?
  A: (In her best Anna voice, which doesn't come even close to Anna's voice, she sings) Do you wanna build a snnnnowwwwman?
Z: You gotta be kidding me. You said you didn't like snow in April. Now, you want to play in it?
A: (Pulls out his boots from a hiding place and hands them over) I said it's not fair, but since it's here, we might as well enjoy.
Z: But we're oldies. (Quibbling obvious) 
A: And wiser so that means we'll make a really good snowman.
Z: You are indeed fluffy, lady, but not in the feet. The head! (He mumbles as he puts on his boots) So, was there a purpose, a moral, a vent, or at least any logic to this blog.
A: Yup, to paraphrase a partial quote from Brain Krans, Don't exist. Live. Get out, explore. Thrive... (Grins) and build snowmen. Oh, and bring the pretzels!

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