Saturday, April 11, 2015

Calling All Authors: Can You Relate?

As a teacher, I tend to write more in summer and edit during school year, CAN ANYONE RELATE TO THAT?

So OMG it's finally spring, and being from Missouri I know I don't have as much right to complain as people from some of the others areas of the country or the world but I'm really glad winter is over, and I used to not care about the cold, but OMG, I'm gonna be 50 this month and I already hate the cold wind blowing through my bones:) LOL

So with the new weather and energy I have flowing through me, I hope to have more time and desire to write. I don't know about you all, but I always feel more frisky in the spring and summer and part of fall that the winter blahs.

I didn't used to get depressed at all in the winter months, but wow, this year almost got me. There were a few times I felt really down, and truly never feel down, no matter how stressed I get. I just shake it off and get over it and go work out and rejuvenate, but this year, it was rough.

Still, I hope to get back on the writing horse and go for a fast and furious ride because I have several books to edit and get out to my publisher who has been more than patient with me through my daughter's fight with cancer and bone marrow transplant, ugh, but now she is out of the hospital more than in, which is new, because for the last two years, it was the opposite: practically lived in the hospital, ugh!

Sorry, to boo hoo about that for a short rant. LOL. But I do feel truly blessed with my own health and energy level, and my students were wonderful this year at the high school and university where I teach, so I can't even complain about my job:)

I am taking classes at the same university where I teach, so even though I have a masters in history, I'm working on Pharmacy school classes with my daughter, not the one with cancer, the other one:) And I'm learning alot about what my daughter, the one with cancer, is going through regarding how her body is being attacked and how she is fighting it with her own immunity and the drugs the doctors give her.

This is a rough way to research, but ironically enough, I had started a rough draft of a book before my daughter got cancer about a man who spent his summer doing a 100K run, so many kilometers per day, as a fund raiser for cancer, based on a true story of a teacher in our district that did it, and his experience and the love he found while going through that process. An amazing journey and lots of stamina.

As a teacher, I tend to write more in summer and edit during school year, CAN ANYONE RELATE TO THAT?

Thanks for reading:) Tune in next time and anyone who wants to blog on my blog, send info via contact page:)


Julie Eberhart Painter said...

I can relate to the weather influencing your mood. By the time I was 50 we had relocated from the Midwest to Atlanta, an excellent climate to experience season changes, most for the better. (Minus the first three weeks of January.)

My husband is ill, so the rest of your blog hit home, too. Hope all the new science proves to be your daughter's ticket to a healthy life.

January Bain said...

Hi Rebecca, I can totally relate to what you are saying. I have this year off from teaching and it's so freeing I may just stay at home writing full time. My hat's off to you with all that you are going through and that you still manage to write. Amazing! Best, January