Sunday, February 1, 2015

Snow Day

My car is in there somewhere
I've just come back inside from shoveling out after a massive snowstorm. My town in New Hampshire hit the jackpot with storm Juno,  racking up an impressive 33 inches of the white stuff.

Can't mail a letter if you can't find the mailbox

Most people I know really hate the snow. It's hard to go anywhere—the roads are slippery and visibility is low. Even something as simple as walking to the mailbox in the middle of a blizzard is ill advised. And yet

My backyard all decked out in white

There's something to be said for snow storms. My street and my backyard are decked out in a lovely winter white, which, as of this writing hasn't yet gotten streaked with dirt and grime. During the heart of the blizzard, everything shut down. Even the local Dunkin Donuts closed their doors until the skies cleared. You couldn't shop, or get an oil change, or even mail a letter (so forget walking to the mailbox) if you wanted to. Most of us stayed inside and watched as the world filled with snow. It was a quiet day, a day for going nowhere and doing nothing much. For me, it was a perfect day for writing.

Writing takes up time and space. So often, in my hurry to go to the dry cleaners or get the oil changed or post that letter, I put writing on the shelf. I squeeze it in where I can. Yesterday, with nowhere to go, writing became a priority.

  I'm making a resolution. From now on, I will set aside time to write. Every once in a while I'll take a snow day, even if it's sunny and seventy degrees outside.

'Til next time


Julie Eberhart Painter said...

Excellent thinking. it's peaceful and not competitive.

Ute Carbone said...

Thanks you Julie. I'm a snow apologist--I really like the white stuff. :)

Liz Fountain said...

I love snow if I don't need to go anywhere. It makes the whole town feel quiet and peaceful. But 33 inches? Wow, that's about 3 times what I've ever experienced. Take care out there!

Big Mike said...

Part I hate about snow is we usually lose power given we live in a rural area full of trees. Thank goodness for a fireplace.

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Angelica Hart and Zi said...

When your grandkids are right next door, snow days are a blast. Then again, sledding can be hazardous to one's health at our age. Hmmm, maybe, staying inside and writing is a better idea.