Sunday, February 15, 2015

Editing in the Vineyard

Ah, the writing life. Royalty checks flow along with the wine. Lounging by the pool in the afternoons while editors correct little errors in my magnificent manuscript.

Time to wake up and get to work on the latest revision before publication of the third book in the series. Publishers know that a series sells better than a stand-alone book, hence the third book. The first two flowed like the above wine. The third one comprised two threads that had to be woven together better than I apparently did it in the first round. Now it is done and awaiting the editor’s approval. I pray for no more rewrites.

While I lounged poolside, my editor found far too many overused words: that, but, and, shrugged, sat, call, turn. You get the picture. Besides that, there were a couple of plot points that required revision. For three weeks I sat, and sat, and sat (note the duplication of words) until certain body parts felt permanently fixed and refused to bend.

Now that the book is once again in the editor’s hands, there is Book Four of the series about half-way written. Taking a cue from the long list of overused words provided by said editor, and a using a single theme, my fingers are crossed that this book will meet with her approval.

In the meantime, she already has a stand-alone set for publication in a few months. I am punching that one up, removing the overused words before sending it for final approval.

Tonight I’ll get to visit with friends as I leave my mole-hole and go out to dinner to celebrate someone’s birthday. I’ll even get to visit with my husband, who quietly lurks about the house, cooking meals, tidying up, while I write, and then edit, edit, edit.

One day, honestly, I tell myself, the royalty checks will flow!

Veronica Helen Hart writes a series about The Blenders, a group of senior citizens led by Doll Reynolds, who live in an age-qualified manufactured home park in Florida. They can't stay out of trouble. The third book in the series, Safari Stew, is due out in March. You can see all Ms. Hart's books at


Angelica Hart and Zi said...

Great article. Been there, done that, and will do it again. Royalties flowing??? Oh, yes, in our dreams they are over-abundant! :)

Big Mike said...

Don't ya just hate those rewrites. Like going to the dentist. Ya know ya have to do it, but you dread every minute.

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