Saturday, January 10, 2015

Stupid Worker's Compensation Claims

Recently in a discussion about a friend's worker's compensation claim, I began to wonder how many employees attempt to take advantage of missing work and getting paid. I researched, Stupid Worker's Compensation Claims and found a few interesting reports written by the injured parties.

Employees Reported:

**I dropped my head on my foot when someone pushed their guts across the table without calling out.

Wow! Was this on the set of Walking Dead? Or perhaps the movie set of a bad slasher script? Actually this claim was reported at an animal slaughterhouse.

**The fumes were so bad I was taken by them and went to bed with the doctor.

Too much information! I encourage my fellow workers not share details of their relationships.

**My head injuries have created a permanent increase in libido which has led to two affairs and has ruined my marriage.

I bet there are a lot of men that wished they'd thought of this excuse when they got caught cheating.

**I was working on my job and got a pain at the end of the week.

I usually run into the pain first thing Monday morning.

Take a look at a few bizarre worker compensation claims that were paid to claimants.

*Compensation was rewarded to a JC Penny employee that tripped over her own dog and broke her wrist in her home. She was retrieving fabric samples stored in her garage, making her home a work environment.

*While on a business trip, a woman in Australia was hit in the face by a lamp she ripped off the wall during violent sex in a hotel room. Worker's comp paid the claim because her employer booked and paid for the room.

Personally, I'd suck it up and pay expenses. I wouldn't want to listen to the gossip for the rest of my life. As a writer, to bring character's to life I invent their past and the life they are living. That includes their choice of career. So far, I haven't had a character on worker's compensation but it sounds like a good idea. If you check out my detective murder mystery Bolt Action, one of the minor characters owns a nudist ranch, I can see a lot of potential embarrassing injuries for the employees. In my ghost story, Haunting of Ingersull Penitentiary, the main character is transforming a haunted, abandoned prison, into a bed and breakfast. That work environment screams, CLAIM, waiting to happen.

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Julie Eberhart Painter said...

Never a dull moment when we are in the work environment.

Once on a cruise ship we played WHAT’S MY LINE? The winner was the lifeguard in a nudist camp. The audience already knew the answer. The panel’s first question was; “Do you wear a uniform for this work?” Talk about a nervous titter running through the audience!

Rita Bay said...

So funny on the face of it, Victoria. Unfortunately, there's a limited amount of money in the pot which is fast being sucked dry by parasites who would put a vampire to shame. Sad, since there are those who really need the benefit.

Victoria Roder said...

My husband was in a horrible semi-accident. It was a miracle he survived. I was very thankful for the work comp while he was on his long recovery.

Big Mike said...

Amen, sister. I've always been suspicious of that program. I know two on WC, one I've seen working on his roof, the other digging holes in their yard. Another sign of a society gone amok without control, though the sex one would make a good scene in a book


Victoria Roder said...

I don't think you'd get the claim in America for the sex one. At least I hope not!

Mark said...

There sure are a lot of claims being filed involving sex and, as Archie Bunker once called it, "total nudal frontity." The workforce may be filled with less than dedicated employees, Vicki, but they're a mighty happy bunch.

Nikki said...

Yes, sometimes claims are bogus. But sometimes a claimant may be able to do the work for a short time, but not all week. I have shoulder injuries; I can dig up my garden, but only for an hour or so a day. I could also do the engraving work I used to do, but only for about 4 hours every other day. If I'd been injured on the job, I'd be justified in a WC claim. As a matter of fact, I hurt one shoulder when I was thrown from a horse, the other when I fell off a mountain. (I don't do little old lady accidents like slip on a stair.)

Julie Eberhart Painter said...

You're an original, Nikki.

Nikki said...

Thanks, Julie. I think.