Thursday, January 1, 2015

Looking Ahead To A Happy Writer's New Year

 So here we are staring at 2015, and for me things look no less busy than they did the previous year. That's a very good thing, because it means that my writer's pulse remains strong. These images you see represent just the first quarter's activities.

It's not a question of setting yearly resolutions.  This is about a steady continuance of a passion, and an indication of said passion's health.  If you're not lining things up to do, you need to figure out why.  Most important is that last image - my idea of a work in progress.  I'm well into the first draft of my newest novel, and have the goal of submitting it to my publisher before the end of the year.  Another project is already waiting in the wings.

For me, writing is very much a second career.  Not just the story crafting, but the oh-so-important job of promotion as well.  I've lined up three major conventions for 2015, and expect to add another to my list before too long.  Also on slate is a continued presence both on this blog and other writers' forums.

So what gets a writer through the year?  Nothing motivates like being appreciated by your readers.  This is where the conventions and book readings come in.  It's a shot in the arm having folks come up and gush about previous novels you've written while buying the latest installment.  Every artist loves the applause.  Even if the claps are muffled between royalty statements.

Then there is peer recognition.  This is where forums become highly valuable for both feedback and giving back.  My favorite haunt is SFFWorld's forums, where I happily lend a hand or converse, and sometimes get a slap on the back as well.  When it comes to having "you're a good writer" soaked into your soul, be recognized in a national contest.  If you haven't entered your novel into the EPIC guild's E-Book Awards, you're only cheating yourself.

So what's up for me in 2015?  I'm going to complete a new SF novel tentatively named "Siren's Song", then start on a new fantasy novel "Storm Child" set in the "Tracks" land of Hobohemia.  On tap is two (possibly three) Comic-Cons and one literary convention up in Dallas.  Of course, there is the 2015 EPIC E-Book Awards where maybe I can actually land some glass this time (I've two other Finalist books in previous years) and not be the proverbial bride's maid instead of the bride.  In other words, folks, I have a pulse.  Hope you do too.



Keith Willis said...

Well said, Kerry. I just got invited to do a reading from my 'in-editing', to-be-published novel at our local writers guild's Community of Writers event in March, along with 2 other authors. We'll be reading from our works and answering questions. My first real gig, and the book isn't even out yet. I'm also being recruited to sit on a panel at AlbaCon in May, and will be signing up for World Fantasy Con in November (right in my backyard this year, in Saratoga Springs, NY, 20 minutes from home). There are lots of opportunities out there to get noticed, if you grab 'em and take advantage.

KMTolan said...

Great for you. Nothing is better than con panels and readings.