Tuesday, January 13, 2015

10 Best Things about being a Writer

Since it’s the beginning of a New Year and my first post for Writers Vineyard in 2015, I thought I’d list some of the best things about being a writer. This was an enjoyable list to create and I hope you get a smile out of it too! J


(10) Working in your pajamas with coffee smilingly delivered by your significant other. J

(9) A very, very short commute.

(8) It’s legal to ask so many questions of fellow human beings all in the interests of research, of course!

(7) Getting those annoying characters out of my head that insists on being there 24/7.

(6) Time spent in another world where you have some semblance of control.

(5) The virtual company of other writers. This one is HUGE for me.

(4) Fan mail: It’s lovely to hear when the words you have slaved over and bleed for have touched another human being.

(3) Research: we live in great times to be a writer. An infinite library at our virtual finger tips, what more could one ask for except maybe unlimited time on this Earth to read and write.

(2) The lovely, lovely writing. From the initial gem of an idea to the final editing, all of it is wonderful because it proves that you are alive and part of the larger universe, and that you care about having something worthwhile to share with others.

(1) And did I mention working in my pajamas!


Fellow authors, please share your favorite things about being a writer.


Best, January

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Julie Eberhart Painter said...

The short commute is a big winner here. We've lived and worked in huge cities known for their traffic.

It could take my husband two hours each way in Cleveland or Atlanta. Getting to and from the O'Hare airport in Chicago on a Friday afternoon was a test of patience and endurance.

Driving in Boston has its own set of rules: The guy with the fewest dents goes first!

January Bain said...

Thanks for commenting, Julie!

Nikki said...

One of the guilty pleasures is that surge of pride when someone says, "Ooh, you write book? Wow!"

And Julie, the way I heard, the guy with the fewest dents goes first, so everyone else has a shot of hitting him.

Julie Eberhart Painter said...

Nikki, Nikki, I forgot that part!