Saturday, November 15, 2014

Strange and Rare Causes of Death

When I first heard the threat of Ebola, my mind flashed to Stephen King's novel, The Stand. Like in the book and movie of the same name, I wondered if I'd parish immediately or if I'd be struggling to survive and making a choice between the forces of good and evil. I was relieved to read that in the United States, if you catch Ebola you at least have an 83% survival rate. So I thought it would be interesting to put Ebola in perspective for everyone.

You have a :
1 in 3.7 million chance of being killed by a shark
1 in 9.6 million chance of dying from a lightning strike
1 in 11 million chance of dying in a plane crash
1 in 13.3 million chance of catching Ebola

I also thought it would be fun to research strange and rare ways people have died over the years. I know you are questioning my use of the word fun, but remember in addition to writing action thriller Bolt Action,  I also write paranormal horror. In my beginning draft of Haunting of Ingersull Penitentiary, all my characters were killed off by chapter three and I had to create more characters and rewrite!

Strange and rare causes of death:
1794, John Kendrick was killed by a cannonball salute in his honor.
1814, people where killed in a London beer flood.
1871, Lawyer Clement Vallandigham accidentally shot and killed himself trying to demonstrate how the victim could have killed himself.
1919, people were crushed and drowned by a molasses flood.
1974, Basil Brown drank himself to death with carrot juice.
2010, Mike Edwards was crushed to death in his car by a rolling bale of hay.

I'm pretty sure we all have a better chance of winning the lottery than dieing of Ebola or any of these other strange and rare ways to die. I'd love it if you'd take the time to check out my website, and my books. I have something for everyone, murder mystery, paranormal novels, and for children picture books, chapter books and puzzle books. Thanks, Victoria Roder


Julie Eberhart Painter said...

Beer or molassas? That is the question!

Suzanne de Montigny said...

Okay, Dorianna died curing the plague 12,000 years ago, when the healing power of her horn was exhausted. Then Ishmael, the bad guy was haunted to death by the ghosts of the unicorns he slaughtered.

Victoria Roder said...

Most men I know wouldn't mind going by beer, if you had to chose. I love the thought of someone being haunted by their own evil doing!