Saturday, November 22, 2014

Calling All Authors: Can You Relate?

Calling All Authors: Can You Relate?
…This is not being done as a promo contest. I’m truly interested because I’m trying to make some personal / author decisions, and I wondered if anyone else had these same issues. So, if you’ll go to my website and answer these questions, I’ll enter you into a drawing for my next book in Feb. 2015. How many of you are part of a writer’s group? How do you like them? Do you find them instructive? Is the friendship there soothing? What else can you tell me about them?
…What odd questions we get as authors, and I imagine, there are plenty of questions people are thinking, but they’re too nice to ask. As Becky Lower pointed out, when she was asked an odd question by a reader, “I once had a 90-year old reader ask me if I was married or living with some man. When I said no to either situation, she then asked how I could write such steamy love scenes!” Well, I’m assuming that if you’re not a virgin, you can write a love scene, but…I once had a fellow author in my writer’s group who was a virgin, and she wrote steamy novels. She’d obviously read and studied a lotJ
…Joanne Myers was asked, "When or if you receive negative reviews for your book(s), how do you handle that? and
Has anyone ever told you, that you should not be a writer? How do you handle that?” Well, those are tough questions just on the surface because we just don’t want to hear negative reviews about our books, even if they’re meant to be helpful, and the problem is, many of them aren’t meant to be helpful. They’re just commentary, and that old saying about bad publicity being better than no publicity is just not true. Not for sales. Certainly not for our emotional wellbeing and encouragement. So…I guess that means I don’t handle the crits well, or so it seems, but that’s not totally true. It depends on the person doing the critique, and the method of delivery. As far as the part of whether we should be writers or not…well, that’s like saying, only God can judge because only YOU can decide if you want to be a writer or not, or a teacher, or a preacher, or anything else. If you want to write, write, and write the way the want to.


Olga Godim said...

Rebecca, I went to your website but didn't find any questions there. Could you provide a link?

Big Mike said...

Yes, I belong to a writers group of about 60 people but only roughly twenty participate on a regular basis. 80% are great people I enjoy to be around. Even do book signings with several. 30% actual writing via self publishing or an indie publisher.

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