Monday, October 13, 2014

Love Forever True

'One True Love' is an interesting concept. So is 'Destiny.'

The idea of 'One True Love' may be self-fulfilling in a way. I don't believe we're necessarily limited to one in a lifetime. I have no idea how many pairings may be potentially happy for an individual – but when people experience a true love, they tend to stick with it, and life being short, may not have time for more, so this one becomes 'The One.'

No doubt many people get together because of proximity and the human need for bonding and warmth and family and intimacy – but not all those bonds are of the same quality. Lots of people marry for convenience, or for the money, or because someone got pregnant, or even for friendship or love that may not be as whole-hearted as the kind romantics distinguish as 'true.'

Defining terms, when I think of 'true love' I think of an innate affinity that goes beyond circumstantial proximity. Person A, being exactly hirself and person B being exactly hirself, experience a particular chemistry that embraces one another in toto (warts and all, body, mind and soul.

More terms. 'Soul' is important. I'm using the word to mean something specific but difficult to define.

I have a weird sense of time. Imagine a perspective from which one could 'see' an entire lifetime at once.

I did a very crude and simplistic illustration that gives a rough idea what I mean. We could also imagine this perspective as being like a library in which each life lived is a book including all one's days in one package you could flip through, revisiting any scene at will. In practice it's more complicated. We're writing our books as we go, our lives touch and some shoot off from others and some intertwine.

I use 'soul' as the word to denote a person's identity across time, from birth to death, inter-connected with all the other lives s/he touches.

I think some souls have a special affinity for each other, and Time being the mystery (and wibbly wobbly) it is, I can't preclude the notion of Destiny. We choose our own paths through life, but having chosen, there's that potential perspective from which it might have been seen from the beginning. 

People may and probably often do choose paths that keep them from meeting or hooking up with someone with whom they may have that special affinity I'm calling true love. But that doesn't mean the potential isn't there or isn't worth finding, or that a soul might desire it and find some satisfaction in reading (or insert alternate media) fantasies of its fulfillment.


Big Mike said...

In my mind's eye, love must not be confused with financial security, the need for physical release, loneliness, convenience or a dozen other terms that don't even exists in the same cosmos with the concept of 'true love'. It is not something we control or can deny. It just is, and if we're ever lucky to experience such pure emotions, IMO, the bond is eternal. Course, I am an old fart that believes in old ways that have been tossed aside for modern ease and simplicity, the jump on jump off practice of today's youth and the progressive tendency to trivialize anything dealing with true love between one guy and one girl.

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Julie Eberhart Painter said...

I agree with Mike's take on this. We don't always get to "live with me and be my love." The romance factor might not extend in both directions.

There are all kinds of love, such as one might feel for a relative , a child, or a pet, etc. One thing for sure: love has no agenda.