Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Are You Game?

I was an unusual child.  When I was in Jr. High, my friends and I would play a game.  Now, we are not talking about “Spin the Bottle” or anything like that.  No, we were looking for a bit more of a challenge.  Many of my friends also enjoyed writing, so we would often take turns reading each other’s manuscripts, but occasionally, we found ourselves in need of something new, something fresh, something to get our brains whirling once more.  So we created a game of sorts.

One of us would write the first sentence or paragraph or a story.  Then we would hand off our fledgling tale to the next person, who would add to it.  This would continue for a predetermined amount of time.  When the time allotted was up, we would then read the story aloud and marvel at the outlandish twists and turns.   It was fun even then, but I was thinking, how much more fun would it be to play such a game with real authors who have taken the time to hone their crafts?  What twists and turns would we see then?

So here is my proposition: I would like to cordially invite each and every one of you reading this blog post to play along with me.  I will start off our story, and will then invite each of you to add to the story in the comment section below.  Feel free to add as much as you like—a sentence, a paragraph, a page. (Just please, keep it at or under PG-13 so that all may enjoy it!) Get your friends to play too and share it on your social sites.  Let's find out where this story will go! If 8 or more people play, then in one week’s time, I will write the ending to the story we have created together and post the whole story on my blog,, for all to read!  How does that sound?  Are you game?

Here we go!  This is the beginning:

 “Eighty-three. It was important; it had to be.”

What happens next?  You decide!


Hannah Lokos is the author of Labyrinth of Lies, a suspenseful yet heartwarming work of historical fiction set in Ancient Greece.  Hannah is also a full-time college student, and as much as she would love to write a longer biography, she really needs to go study for her anatomy exam now.  You can connect with Hannah on Facebook or Google+, or you can check out her website at


Liz Fountain said...

"Natalie sat up in bed. Three in the morning. Again. That damn dream woke her every morning for the last six days, and only one thought lasted into her wakefulness: eighty-three. Natalie knew she'd not be able to go back to sleep, so she padded downstairs to her kitchen to make coffee and ponder. Damn eighty-three. What did it mean?"

Julie Eberhart Painter said...

The clue must be in a book someone in the shrink's office watched her reading. She remembered he'd shown an unusual interest in her historical romance.

She leapt off the kitchen chair and headed to the library. Taking the foot stool, she set it in front of the bookcase her dad had made for her. She reached out to retrieve the book and find page eight-six. Gone. The book was gone!

Big Mike said...

Jack was gone all night. He'd never worked an all nighter without at least a call. "The book, that's got to be it." They'd joked about the premise, how silly it was, until they got to page 86, then his body went rigid, like he'd see the head of Medusa and been turned to stone, until she reached for the novel and he'd grabbed her hand, hard, until she wrenched in pain."No, can't be that, what could be in..." Then she remembered, he'd remarked he know the author. No, more then that, what were his exact words.

Big Mike