Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Accepting the NaNoWriMo Challenge

Okay Rita Bay, I pick up your thrown gauntlet and accept the NaNoWriMo 2014 Challenge. I've signed up and will write my book. I also write YA and MG (young adult and middle grade) and have two MG books in mind so I'm going to choose one and get that dreaded first draft written. 

Why dreaded you may very well ask. Ah, well, trusty reader, to me at least the first draft is dreaded because every word fights me. Revision I like, editing gets tedious, but it's okay. No the part of writing I hate beyond all measure is the beginning when I sit in my chair and stare at the blank screen, each minute sending me deeper and deeper into a pit of despair along with the very real fear of never writing anything worth reading, a writer's worst nightmare, or at least mine along with showing up to a presentation naked, the very thought of which makes me want to curl into the fetal position, taking all my fat with me. Anyway, back to the rough draft. 
First I feel like this:

And then after getting a few pages done, my emotion switches to this:

So, in an attempt to get a first draft written in a month, I've decided to do the challenge because what I really need to get that first draft written is this: 

My next TWV post is on November 4 (Election Day for all of us in the US - be sure to vote) and no doubt I'll be full of good will and joy. It's the middle that's the rough part, so be thankful you'll be spared my angst and ire, which would surely be the theme of my post if it were later in the month. For other writers out there, I'd love to list you as one of my writing buddies, so send my a line via this post or one of my websites listed at the bottom. 

My first YA novel, The End Of Normal (by S C Arscott) is at last out (as of yesterday) and available from any online book seller. It's only $3.98, so give it try. 
Click to check out my book.

A funny thing happened on my way to write the above column.The only image I could find for the 2014 NaNoWriMo 2014 is of a calendar with this emblazoned along the side: 50,000 words, 30 Days, You Can F*****g Do This. Now first off, I must be clear that this is not connected in any way to the annual writing challenge, it's a calendar from a completely separate company, it's also not free to use so I won't be showing it here. The problem I have is with the F* word. In my opinion the use of such words are a sad excuse for those not creative enough to write something original when trying to be witty in an edgy kind of way. It's a lot harder to come up with something different and many people don't even try, which is just plain pitiful. F**k is not original, it's tired and overused. 

Check out both of my sites:
susanarscott  (this site is being rebuilt, and will be available soon)


Big Mike said...

Thanks weird, my muse is a Gothic girl with a whip, not a gun.

Michael Davis (Davisstories.com)
Author of the Year (2008 and 2009)
Award of Excellence (2012)

Big Mike said...

Whoops. Replace "thanks" with "That's"


Julie Eberhart Painter said...

My muse is my conscience, which can stop anyone in his or her tracks!

Damn, I just edited!

Liz Fountain said...

We need to team up - I adore first drafts, the whole rush of not knowing what will happen next. Plus, my OCD side loves the word countdown part: 1667 words a day, here we come! :-)


Gabriella Austen said...

A whip eh, that explains so much about you Mike. For those of us lacking whips, guns, or whatever to spur us on, let's sign up as each other's writing buddies on NaNaMoWr. You in Liz? Anybody else?

Rita Bay said...

I haven't officially thrown down the gauntlet until my October 20th post, but I get your drift. So funny!! I have difficulty finishing because I simply MUST edit as I write. I'm so compulsive that I keep a spread sheet and input the number of words I've written during the day so far. It calculates the number of words I have left and the month's total, including number of words over or under. The file is already on my freebie webpage to share.

Big Mike, A Gothic girl with a whip...hmmmm.