Saturday, September 27, 2014

Caling All Authors: Can You Relate?

Calling All Authors: Can You Relate?
…Does writing about magic and other worlds mean you believe in them? Hmmmmm, I write dragon stories set in an alternate universe, but that doesn’t mean I believe in that other world. It just makes for good story lines. But some people do believe in what other people would call mythical creatures and make-believe characters and settings. Juli Drevezzo says one of her favorite things is “Creating magic out of nothing.” She might or might not mean actual magic, but putting words on a blank page is a form of magic in itself, and sometimes it can be fun, sometimes it’s work, and sometimes it is a deeply emotion and heartbreaking effort. My daughter has cancer. That has slowed down my writing for the time being. I want to write. I don’t have the time. Balance. It’s needed. But there is only so much time in the day to balance. You know, like balancing your check book. Sometimes that’s easier said than done, too. But here I am reaching out through this blog to get my mind set for the editing I have to do today that was supposed to be done by the end of August for a release of my book in January 2015. Hmmmm, missed deadline. My first. And I hate it. But it couldn’t be helped, and it’s not the end of the world, and if the book doesn’t come out in January, I will not regret having spent the time with my daughter. She might die. I’d rather miss a deadline, than miss time with her.
…Juli Drevezzo loves the characters she creates, and that’s probably because they are one of two things: exactly like her or nothing like her. Or maybe a bit of both. I think we all put a bit of ourselves into our characters. That’s how we come up with our voice. And we love our readers who love us, as Juli Drevezzo reminds us, when she tells us she loves good reviews, just by actual book reviewers but also by her audience who might post on Amazon or someplace about how they felt about her books. And then if the review is bad, well, bah hum bug, take it with a grain of salt or use the critique to get betterJ And enjoy the fun interviews, like Juli Drevezzo does. Having fun in an interview comes across as positive and will make the interviewers audience more likely want to read your work. If they like you, they read you…sometimes. :)
…But everyone has those not so favorite things, too, like, as Juli Drevezzo says, “Waiting for…anything. From answers to emails to reviews.” The waiting game just stinks. Although wishing your life away by waiting and wishing a certain date is here, or the weekend, is bad, too. Enjoy the journey. You might not reach the destination. Keep enjoying life while waiting for good or bad news, or good or bad things to happen. Make things happen while you wait for others.
…Brain farts. Who doesn’t have those? Juli Drevezzo admits she dislikes those. Don’t we all? And especially if we’re writing fiction, and especially if that fiction is fantasy. It takes a lot of imagination and work to create a whole other world, and Juli Drevezzo wishes some people didn’t think she was childish or weird just because she writes fantasy. And since fantasy in all forms, not just romance subgenres, sells so well in book and TV and movie form…really? Those people judging should google how much money is being made by writers and producers of fantasy. It’s a bundle.:)
…I’m getting old. I must be. Because, like Juli Drevezzo, who complains of “Carpal tunnel, back pain, and every other ache and pain that comes from constant typing,” I can relate, and no in a good way. But it doesn’t stop me. I just keep plugging along. And I imagine I always will. Well, at least until I literally can’t. I crochet. And until about 8 months ago, I was not allergic to yarn, or wool, or the dye in my yarn, but now, every time I crochet, my arms break out, and are feverish, and red, and ugly as sin. What the hell! Really? I got asthma when I was about 30, and I was in the Air Force choir and church choir and school choir, so…I sing, but not so much anymore. So, you see, it’s always something stepping our way. Push back. Don’t quit. Sing anyway, as much as you can, crochet anyway, and wear long sleeves to do it. Write anyway, and invest in drugs and pain relievers.:)
…As Juli Drevezzo says, “Continuously having to come up with fresh blog topics,” can be a challenge, if you have your own blog, and it is time consuming, but I like to do a lot of blog tours, and let others write on my blog, so if you’d like to do that, go to and use the contact form to let me know you’d like to blog on my blog:)


Big Mike said...

I can relate to the invasion of the devil's spawn into your life. Five years ago I dealt with cancer and for a year my muse took a detour. Stories were still there but too sick to write. Very rough time in one's life when a loved one endures the beast. Good luck.

Big Mike

Julie Eberhart Painter said...

Interesting. I like your philosophy, which we all know can change daily as life lobs another round at us.

Stay in the moment and enjoy it with your child. Blogging can be healing, too. Often I write about other people's works and show the lesson learned by how they handled their stories and their lives.

The best we can do in this world is to show up and pay attention.

Olga Godim said...

I can relate, Rebecca. "Don't give up" is my motto too, although it's not always easy. Sometimes I wish the magic I write about in my fiction were real. I could've magicked so much good then. But I can't, so the only way is to go on.
Take care of your daughter. Don't give up yet. Wish you gallons of luck.