Sunday, August 3, 2014

Writing Dilemmas

Writing in the Vineyard of creativity. How cool is that?
This month two of my books are being released by two different publishers. Each book is an entirely separate genre from the other. One is a historical fiction, the other the second in a cozy series.
Now, adding to this creative endeavor, one of the publishers is also releasing two more of my books in February of 2015. One is a dystopian, science fiction completed and waiting for a cover and basic proofreading; the other is incomplete, the third in above mentioned cozy series.
I set out to write the ‘third in the series’ book with a complete idea of what would take place. I have characters, a plot, a murder, and a motive for said murder. The book is contracted for roughly 75,000 words. I am now at 40,000 and holding.
What? I know, I just said I had it all worked out. Now I find myself stuck. It looks like I contrived to murder the wrong person, though the villain will still get his just desserts. I don’t want to kill the inadvertent victim, but that means going back and changing a lot of the story. The completed manuscript is due September first. What is a writer to do?
Have you ever written yourself into a corner halfway through a book? With a deadline to meet and no idea how to fix it? Did you fix it? Did a kindly spirit come in the night and feed the resolution to you?
“Oh, help,” I cry weakly.

Veronica H. Hart is an award winning author of several books and really has two books being released this month: Swimming Corpse, a Blenders Story, from Champagne Book Group and The Reluctant Daughters, from Double Edge Press. And she really has two more set to be released in February from Champagne Book Group: the science fiction/dystopian novel, Silent Autumn and Safari Stew, a Blenders Book.


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You've clearly been a busy girl.

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