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For those of you who dream to write and write your dreams, or blog your thoughts or simply can't keep your fingers from a keyboard, or away from pen/pencil and paper, we have something to share about the writing life.

We have had opportunity to talk to many people that have an interest in writing. One of the themes that runs as if a stream of consciousness is writer's block. With empathy we listen to wannabe authors describe something tougher than a $2.00 flank steak. That blank white field before you taunting and teasing, Fill me... fill me... with profound and purposeful rhetoric.

A: My page says, Eat chocolate, watch a movie, eat more chocolate, call Zi and tell him to fill me...fill me... (Grins)

Z: You are joshin'?

A: I was teasing, had nothing to do with Josh or joshin' cousin, Taunt, except for the eat chocolate part.  As that white plastered blasted page screams at me, chocolate is my only solace.

Z: Ouch that does hurt.

 A: Yup, the screen needs a time-out.

Bingo... that is what you need to do. Take the time to figure out what you want to say.

There is a study out there, it might have been done by someone from University of Penn. This person polled famous and accomplished authors and asked what was the most important thing. The preponderance of responses were similar. To distill their responses... have something to say. That is right. Have something to say.

There are plenty of people that craft well, many superiorly but if what they create is shallow or without an audience... then to what end? Pretty prose without purpose is like having cheesecake without sugar, just doesn't sit as well on the palette.

A:  Actually, cheese cake without sugar isn't half bad.  It is very savory.

Z: It is getting close to lunch, isn't it?

A: Past lunch!

Z: Ahhh, that is why you are preoccupied with food.

A: Excuuuuse me...I'm not the one who brought up cheesecake

Z: I was thinking cheese steak, I'll call in the order.  You finish up.

A: (Claps happily) You got it.

We once met a woman who wanted to write romance. Asked her to send us samples. She wrote erotica. We suggested she add romance, pointing out places where she could punch it up. She returned the piece and had written better and even more erotica. She did have something to say. A whole lot of lovely sexy sensual prose.  However, it was not romance. We recommended that she pursue the erotica audience. She did. She's happy writing strictly naughty.

So, to reiterate...have something to say before you put fingers to the keyboard or pen to paper.

A: Zi...I have something to say....

Z: Shoot.

A: Extra cheese!

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Big Mike said...

I must be weird. Never experienced writer's block. My problem is I write too much and it has to be culled back.

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