Saturday, August 9, 2014

What Are Your Preferences?

I think we all like to read about characters who seem real. And we all like stories that develop from point A and go through many unexpected deviations and challenges to get to point Z. I believe we all like reading when the story comes alive from the character’s voice and actions and author intrusion is missing or kept minimal. Don't you love it when your mind is immersed in the story? Yet we all like different things.

What must a story have to make you a satisfied reader? Is the tale of a good adventure, the solving of a intricate mystery, or the thwarting of an evil plan enough? Do you need the story to include a message or moral either clearly stated or implied? Do slow moving stories that make you think appeal to you? How about character growth and change; needed or not in your preferred reading?

Personally, I love many genres and different types of story evolution though I lean toward fantasy and science fiction and have since the first story I read by myself. I still like suspense, mystery, adventure, and romance and their many permutations. Those I remember best, however, contain an implied message each reader must intuit whether the story is about physical action or emotional evolution. What is your preference? Has it been the same since you started reading?


Big Mike said...

I prefer:

- Characters with internal conflicts who eventual evolve beyond their own shortfalls.

- Like gritty heroines with spunk who actually like sex vs use it

- Like to be enveloped by the five senses (sound, smells, imagery, etc)

- and of course scenes that progress through action instead of just run on words.

Michael Davis (
Author of the Year (2008 and 2009)
Award of Excellence (2012)

Julie Eberhart Painter said...

I agree with Mike, but will be more specific. I like to learn something new, add to my current knowledge: a good mystery, beautiful flowing prose, lively conversation that moves the story forward, and I must cry with joy and satisftion at the end. These "actors" I will remember for many years.,

Liz Fountain said...

Characters I feel I can relate to, even if only a small way; and a touch (doesn't have to be too much, but at least a touch) of redemption.

And if it makes me laugh, then I'm hooked.