Saturday, August 2, 2014

Calling All Authors: Can You Relate?

Calling All Authors: Can You Relate?
…In my writers group, we often talk about things that affect us all…and how to react to them. One of the things we discuss is when and how inspiration will hit. A fellow author P. J. Dean said, “To break writer's block, I do something fun like indulge in some forbidden activity (i. e., eat a bowl of Rocky Road ice cream or watch a funny movie. Start reading a book. Just do something to take one's mine off the block.” Now if you can’t be inspired by Rocky Road, well, you’re just not human, lolJ But seriously, take a break, get up and walk around, read a book in your favorite genre that inspires you, by a favorite author, whether you genre or not, or something. No point in stressing, and sitting there trying to figure something out. That’s a bigger waste of time that taking a break, then getting back to it with a vengeance. And if you are gonna watch a movie, make it an upbeat funny one. Something depressing will not inspire you.
…Some authors are asked about what they are writing and if they’ll change their subgenre, especially by people who rent’ into romance books, or a specific genre. P. J. said, “Another thing that can't be avoided if you are simply breathing is when people who really aren't into what you devote your time to, ask the age old question, ‘So, what are you writing next?’ This query always, always is posed after you've just mentioned your latest release.” What a shame that people can’t accept that some authors and readers enjoy romance novels and paranormal and other subgenres that seem out there to them.
…I always grin and bear it when I have people tell me they’ve always wanted to write a book, but never had the nerve or time, or the ones plan to write, but never do, or the ones who do write and think their book is perfectly publishable NOW, with no edits, but let me tell ya, I found out the hard way, edits are a necessary evil, and if you just put a book out there, e-published with no edits or proofreading by a peer or pro, you’re gonna get in trouble eventually. It’ll come back to bite you because your name is on the cover, and anything you write after a bad book is out there, with the same pen name, might be judged the same way, and you might have to change your pen name to get people to buy your professionally edited books later one, or you’ll be branded, and not in a good way. As P. J. Dean said, “And there is usually the family member or acquaintance that has looked over your writing and swears that ‘l could do this with my eyes closed. This ain't hard.’” There’s a big difference between reading a book and writing one, just as there’s a difference between riding a bike and watching someone else do it, or driving a car or riding in one and side seat driving as a teen who thinks he can do it himself. A New writer is like a teen getting behind the wheel for the first time. They need practice and critiques, even if they think they know it all.
…But, as P. J. Dean also said, everyone needs the ability to blow off the nay sayers and find peace in your own process as an author and a person. What a great world it would be if everyone thought that way!
PS: My August release got pushed back to October:(


Julie Eberhart Painter said...

"What are you writing next?" bugs me. I found a few retorts to get that monkey back in the toy chest.

"I thought I'd write about you."

We do have to be professional (between outbursts).

Paraphrasing: The evil that we write lives after us...

PJ DEAN said...

Forgot I had such knowledge. Now I just have to remind myself to follow it. LOL.