Saturday, July 5, 2014

Calling All Authors: Can You Relate?

…Author shaming should never happen, not by other authors, not by readers, not by nonreaders. But it does. If someone is a novice at what they are doing, by shaming them, they might decide to never write another word. And that should never happen. Snarkiness should never happen. But, oh how it does. At any rate, author Wendi Zwaduk says, “You write hot and people think you MUST do all the things you write about.” Well, wouldn’t that be great? All that hot sex, all the time, never bad sex…oh, but what about the black moments, and the shame and sadness and all that that comes after some of our romantic interludes…well, we fell those, too. Sometimes, reality does match up with fictionJ

…Everyone who’s been published has probably felt promo overload at one time or another, even if on a small scale, and even if only because they are afraid it’s too much, or not enough, or just not being done right. Zwaduk says she wonders, “What to do, where to do it, and how much to do - it can get overwhelming.” Isn’t that the truth? And then there’s all that time it takes to write promo blogs or newspaper articles, and the money spent buying swag. Ugh, someone, please, tell me the secret ingredient to knowing which swag to buy, or not to buy.

…We all have our dream publisher and editor…don’t we? I do. I have the agent I’d like to nab, the editor I’d like to thrill, and the publisher I’d like to pay me…I mean be pubbed byJ Zwaduk says, “Getting with that pub you've always wanted to get with - that's a heady feeling, like you've made it or arrived or something.” We all have own ideas of success, and I do love my publisher(Champagne BooksJ ). They’re the best. My editor is great and easy to work with. I feel like I’m successful, even if I’m never Nora Roberts level. I’m cool, tooJ

…The woman who calls herself my number one fan lives in England, and I live in the US, but she has been my number one fan since my first book a few years ago, and we keep in touch in multiple ways, and sometimes I even have her beta read for me now. She’s a book geek, and she has a TBR pile deeper than mine, so she knows what’s good, and what’s not, and she classifies me as good, so I’m her number one fan, tooJ Zwaduk says, “Having a fan go 'fangirl' on you - it can be a tad scary to hear someone scream your name as they come running up to you, but it's cool to know you've got a fan :-)” I have a tendency to think I’d be more thrilled than scaredJ


Julie Eberhart Painter said...

Nora Robert's career is the kind to aim for. She had early success because she was writing genre fiction, and because she was really good at storytelling and evoking feelings.

I was in line to get copies signed at Books-a-Million about 15 years ago. She was very gracious, and patient. She has a good rep. with the people who serve her on tours.

We took a trip with a bunch of Disney employees, one of whom drove her around Orlando. He confirmed she was a "good egg".