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As new authors quickly discover, writing a book and having it published can be the easy parts of the publishing process. After the book is contracted, in addition to edits the author has the primary responsibility for pre- and post-release marketing. Savvy authors use the introduction of new books to market the old ones. Over the next few months,  I'll expand a previous post on Marketing the Release of a Book.

THE SQUEEE! MOMENT.  Whether book number one or twenty, getting that contract offer from a publisher is a GREAT feeling. Someone who owns or works for a publishing company believes your story is worthy of publishing. Definitely a SQUEEE! moment. After that contract is signed and returned, shout it out on you website, Twitter, Facebook, and all of your friends’ venues. A “more to follow” sets up for your expanded contract announcement.

As soon as you have an editor assigned, have your blurb and tagline approved, so you can begin the tease. (Personal Note: I have the tentative blurb and tag written before I write the story and use them as part of the initial cover letter to the publisher. NOTE: the blurb is modified to include the ending.) Publishers love to have a catchy tagline and blurb already completed. It speaks to the author’s writing ability and initiative and makes less work for them.

ANNOUNCING THE CONTRACT.  Next, market your book with an expanded contract announcement that shares your excitement with readers. Include the publisher, release date, genre, tagline, and blurb. You can also include your publishing history with that company (and how great they are – if you can’t say they’re great and this is your second book with them, you shouldn’t have submitted to them or signed a contract for a second book.), a bit about yourself as a writer, where your current books are available, and where they can read more (You MUST have a website.). Depending on the availability of print media you can expand the story a bit and submit it for local publication. Check out my short announcement for the first installment on my new erotic humorous mythology series with Champagne below. Next month, Cover Love.

Sample Contract Announcement for CONQUERING CUPID

It’s my pleasure to announce that Champagne Book Group (CBG) has contracted for Conquering Cupid, the first novella in the humorous, Greek mythology-based, erotic series “Cupid’s Back in Business.” The series evolved from Her Teddy Bare, a sexy, humorous short story published by Champagne in their erotic series, “Aphrodite’s Island.” Check out the blurb.

Love and lust, the perfect mix for a happily ever after. When popular artist Diana Harper dumped her cheating fiancé and accepted an invitation “to attend a private event at Miss A’s island retreat to experience your most secret dreams and fondest fantasies,” her hostess gave her Teddy as an “attendant.” Despite his best efforts, Teddy is no submissive. Diana, however, plays his game for the profound passion, the best sex ever, and love that could last a lifetime.

Billionaire philanthropist Theodore Cooper “Coop” Bareston III fell in love with Diana when he saw her working out at his elite gym in New York City. He was willing to do anything to win her love, including wearing a skimpy thong in his “Teddy” role and posing nude in chains when Di’s interest in her art revived. As the sexual tension builds and passions explode, Teddy discovers he is intensely aroused by  playing the submissive to his Di's domme.

After moving into Coop’s East Side penthouse, Diana is sucked into a world inhabited by supernatural denizens with powers beyond her imagination. Can she survive the challenges confronting her to live in Coop’s world or will she turn her back on the extraordinary destiny within her grasp?

The novellas in the “Cupid’s Back in Business”  series will tell the humorous erotic tales of Theodore Cooper Bareston III who, after he finds love with artist Diana Harper, takes up his bow and arrows to bring passion and love into the lives of lonely people. While pursuing their own happily-ever-after, Coop, a closet submissive, and Di, a reluctant domme, must deal with a powerful pantheon of nosy and interfering gods and goddesses. Conquering Cupid is scheduled for release in December.

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"Conquering Cupid," Champagne Book Group, Coming Dec, 2014
"The Caretaker's Lady," Liquid Silver Books, Coming Sept, 2014
"Duchess in Waiting," Siren Publishing, April, 2014
"Finding Eve" Champagne Books, September, 2013
"Nimue's Daughter," Shared Whispers, Champagne Books, September, 2013
"Search & Rescue" Secret Cravings Publishing, July, 2013
"Her Teddy Bare" Champagne Book Group, May, 2013
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"Into the Lyons' Den" Champagne Books, August, 2012
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Much of that material can also be used for your "request for review" submissions also.

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Great tips - and that new book series sounds like fun. Sort of American Gods meets Love, American Style?

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Thank you for commenting. I'm just about out of topics to post on. I can't do the inspirational posts or tell people how to write, so I'm about done.