Saturday, June 7, 2014

…Ever get weird questions about your writing? I’m not sure I get so many questions as I do comments, especially everyone’s favorite about romance and it all being smut…hmmmm…Take that with a grain of salt, of course, because I’d be willing to bet that those women calling it smut either have read and do read romance and are just saving face in front of their peers, or they don’t read it…and therefore can’t judge it. Okay, off the soap box. LOL

…Back to questionsJ For example: Author A. Y. Stratton was asked, “So, how many words do you write a day?” And I’d bet that many of you have a goal of time to work in a day as far hours go, or some strategy for writing a scene at a time, or a writing process you go through. I like to tackle a chapter at a time, then get up and take a break and walk around and think or eat or do laundry or something mundane while my brain rests or tills and churns over what is going on in my story and the lives of my characters. A. Y. Stratton says, “I don't take the time to check that.” So there are many authors out there who just sit and write and go for it until they run out of time and have other things to do – darn real life getting in the wayJ - or until they are happy with where they are in their story.

…Another question posed to A. Y. Stratton was, “How does your husband like having you write sex scenes?” Author Stratton says, “I laugh and say he claims my stories make him look good.” Ironically, many of the women I’ve talked to mention they either write the kind of sex they are having, have had, or want to have. Not all the women or men who write have happy loves lives. Some write to escape that area of their lives. Some are happily married. My wish is that every readers reading this blog has the latter, but if you don’t, treat yourself right because you’re worth it, and go out and be happy. Find someone who loves you and acts like it. And then write about your own happily ever after, since they tell us we should write what we know;)

…Another question A. Y. Stratton received was, “How long did it take to write your book?” She said, “I don't keep track, but maybe six months or more, because I'll be working on promoting another book in between writing a new story.” That’s what it’s all about. Write the story until it’s done, then promote and query and whatever else you want with that book, but no matter what, keep writing, and go on to the next story. Your characters are waiting to be put down on paper, and someone out there is waiting to read about them.

…When asked, “What is the hardest thing you ever have to do with writing?”, Stratton said, “The hardest thing writers have to deal with is waiting to hear from an editor.” And what about the best thing? She says, “The best thing a writer has to deal with is finally holding her book in her hands.” I’m in the middle of edits right now, so I know the feeling. I self-edit, then I edit what my editor wants changed, then I sit back and wait for that book. And OMG, I love my cover of my August 2014 release. It’s so cool. 


Big Mike said...

Weirdest question I got was an email from a reader after buying one of my romantic suspense novels, "Are you really a guy or a woman writing under a female name? Kid you not. I replied, "Yeah, I checked, I'm still a guy."

Michael Davis (
Author of the Year (2008 and 2009)
Award of Excellence (2012)

Julie Eberhart Painter said...

I agree we write the love scenes we'd like to be part of.

Mike is right, and FYI" you cover is a winner!

Rebecca Draco-Savage-Giallongo said...

So stereotyping, aren't we, to think guys can't write romance;)?