Saturday, June 28, 2014

Average Cost of a Wedding

I have attended weddings for the last two weekends, and I became a little curious about the costs. Keep in mind I was married twenty-two years ago. The average wedding today costs $28,858, which is more than the cost of our first home. $28,858 is the average, but the majority of couples keep it below $10,000.

Geographic location makes a difference on the amount couples spend.

New York: $86,916
Chicago: $48,449
Miami: $37,210
Alaska: $15,504

On an average the highest costs are for:

Reception Hall
Engagement Ring
Reception Band

Average cost to be a bridesmaid is $1,695

Ten years ago, the trend “Trashing the Dress” started in Vegas. With dresses averaging $1,211 it is hard to believe brides are comfortable trashing their dress in water, mud puddles, with paint or the latest trend setting them on fire for a photo shoot. Maybe I'm old school but I'd rather keep my dress and never wear it again or donate it for someone else to use. Of course the style is a little dated and the bride would have to seek the help of the show Something Borrowed/Something New to have it updated. Or perhaps, like my mom I'll wear my wedding dress again on my twenty-fifth wedding anniversary.

My Husband Ron and I on October 12th, 1991

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Julie Eberhart Painter said...

Location: Elkton, MD
Date: 1956
License: $6.00
Location: Presbyterian Manse: Free
Dress: Homemade; I still have it, and the hat...
Tip: $10.00

My husband was so excited he added $10.00 to the total cost.

Victoria Roder said...

That is awesome, Julie. Every once in awhile you hear of people today that keep the costs reasonable. My mother-in-law made the flowers and my veil for the wedding.

Michele said...

Our wedding didn't cost much, either. We spent our money on the honeymoon--two months in Europe and Israel!

Julie Eberhart Painter said...

We had no honeymoon, but in 1978, during a well- reported snowstorm, Jan. 26, (Ohio Valley)we had three weeks in the South Pacific.

Anonymous said...

I wanted a lavish wedding but didn't want the expense...and I got what I wanted. Brides can be money smart if they want to. It's not that difficult. It just takes initiative and know-how. The only thing I really splurged on was my cake. It had 8 tiers, two bridges, two staircases and a fountain and fed 500. Now brides have cupcakes, which is a whole lot easier!

Valerie Patterson

Stephanie Joyce Cole said...

Fun post. Occasionally I get sucked into watching "Say Yes to the Dress" and I'm astonished at the amounts that young brides commit to pay.

Heather Brainerd said...

What a fun post! I love watching "wedding dress" shows. Your dress was gorgeous!

Christopher Mannino said...

I just got married last month- ours was barely over 10k, but we did a full destination wedding on the beach- saved a lot by using the bride's brother as our DJ, and renting a beach house to both spend the night with our friends and also hold the dancing part of the ceremony. Still, weddings are super-pricey. :-)

tealady said...

Your wedding dress was beautiful,I know I was there.
My wedding cost $1000 and I had so many family and friends help me girlfriend made my dress and she did my flowers.My sister Vicki and her husband Ron did all the music and it was a blast.A co-worker made my wedding cake 3 tier and had a water fall another friend took all the photos and her husband did the church music.My future mother-in-law bought all the paper products and decorations.Yes we had paper plates and not one person said a word about it lol.The largest cost was food,we rented out our local VFW hall for $35.00,I also bought my matron of honor and my maid of honor's dresses $10.00 each and my step daughters dresses and my husbands suit.We live in a smaller community and thats how weddings use to be,you were not to start your life together with debt hanging over your head.And the funny part was that we got $1000. back for wedding gifts,but that was 19 years ago.

Olga Godim said...

Gorgeous dress! And very interesting statistics in the post. I wonder how those numbers could be used in romance novels? Maybe the lovers would elope when they read the numbers? Or kick-start their wedding? How would that go?

Mark said...

I don't see Peace of Mind listed anywhwere as a cost.

Sorry -- the bachelor in me musta grabbed control for just a second. Interesting post, Vicki.