Thursday, April 17, 2014

New Directions and New Opportunities

What a difference a month makes!  Last month, I talked about Saturn Retrograde and its lessons.  I talked about letting go of one path, and being faced with having to let go of something else.

In the interim, I accepted a job that is a career path.  Oh, I’m still a full-time writer -- but now I’m also a part-time librarian (what better calling for a bibliophile?)  It’s something I’ve wanted to do for years and have actively pursued this type of job for months.  I landed one I really wanted, in a lovely local library with strong community support, and a terrific staff.  It’s a steep learning curve, but I love it.

The day after I started this new job, I also landed a script-writing job I really, really wanted, and am very excited about.  Two major jobs starting in one week -- during a Saturn retrograde and right before a lunar eclipse.  Intense, much?

A few days before those jobs came together, I was hired to write some magazine articles on gardening.  Due on May 1.

I have to wrap up a few commitments -- I have a couple of smaller freelance jobs I will see through and then not take on more until the end of June, although I’ll start pitching again mid-May for other freelance gigs in the summer.  I wound up a three-month workshop.  Other than guest-lecturing at a college at the end of the month, where they’re teaching one of my plays this semester, and teaching a workshop at a writers’ conference in early May, I don’t have any other teaching gigs on the agenda for the next few months, and I’m going to stick with that.  My new play opens next week (I even got a grant for it), and then I’ll be quiet on the local theatre front for awhile, focusing on the left coast script writing gig.

I have four releases coming out between April and August - -three novellas and a novel -- under a different name and with a different publisher, so I can’t talk about them here -- and the next manuscript I need to get to them is in July.  Another novel I’m working on, I’ve pushed back to an October deadline to finish a draft.

Somewhere in this, I have to buy a new computer -- my darling Macbook is limping along, doing the best it can, but pretty soon Apple will no longer support it and I can’t updgrade any more.

The next three weeks will be challenging and amazing and terrifying.  I believe I am up to the challenge.  Hopefully, I’ve understood Saturn this time around!  ;)

And to answer Big Mike’s question from last month, what do I do with the pumpkins?  Decorate!  There’s something wonderfully satisfying about carving a jack o’lantern you’ve grown!

--Annabel Aidan publishes under a half a dozen names in fiction and non-fiction.  Her paranormal romantic suspense release with Champagne is ASSUMPTION OF RIGHT.  Visit her on the web at


Big Mike said...

Congrats. Change can be scary but it rejuvenates the blood.

Michael Davis (
Author of the Year (2008 and 2009)
Award of Excellence (2012)

Julie Eberhart Painter said...

Wow! I hope you live alone and eat standing up...and type fast!


Liz Fountain said...

Congratulations on emerging from Saturn's retrograde into a full and rewarding new professional phase!

I have a "darling MacBook" that is nearing its time to go out to pasture, too. It's hard to let go...