Saturday, April 12, 2014

Calling All Authors: Can You Relate?
…Here are a few questions to ponder when thinking of scenes for your novels that people can relate when reading your stories because we all know that even though we write fiction, our fake stories are based in some form of reality, or maybe we just wish our heroes in our stories were real. HmmmmmmmmJ
…Question 1: What is the least/most romantic thing that ever happened to you on any Valentine's Day?
…And since authors are supposed to write what they know, sad or happy as the event may be, you could put the experience into your story. I know my husband actually came to me on Valentine’s Day 2010 and told me he was leaving me for my best friend of thirteen years. Hmmmmm. In retrospect, it was the best thing that ever happened to me, but at the time we had a teenage daughter in high school, and I knew things would be both better and worse for her. And they have been. We read in our romance novels all the time about horror stories of romance gone wrong, and how people decided they never want to marry again, etc etc etc, and I have sworn off marriage, and it’s been four years, and I’m still swearing off marriage. It would take A LOT to make me change my mind, like the perfect man, and…well, let me know if you fine one, lolJ
…When I asked writer friends of mine to respond to Question 1, Allison Harris said, “My husband and I seldom celebrate Valentine's Day. We both feel it is commercialized. I have flower beds and roses, and when the first roses bud out, my hubby cuts them and has on them on the table in a vase waiting for me. He almost always says, ‘Here's your Valentine's Day roses. I'm sorry they're late.’”
…Now that’s cheap and romanticJ The best kind of romance, in my humble opinion. It means just as much as spending bunches of dollars on meaningless nothing.
…Writer Andrea Downing said, “It was both the least and the most romantic thing:  my husband and I aimed to get married on Valentine's Day.  Unfortunately, Valentine's Day that year was on a Monday and we had to opt for a Saturday so working friends and relations could attend.  Bit of a bummer.  Bad start so maybe I should have seen what was coming...”
…I can definitely relate to thatL
…Question 2: What is the most interesting thing that ever happened to you on St. Pat's Day, or how do you celebrate it? Writer Allison Harris said, “For years my kids (in high school band) marched in the St. Louis St. Pat's Day parade, and we went down to watch. Sometimes it would be snowing, and sometimes it would sunny and warm, but it was always a fun time seeing our small-town school marching and looking good in the parade. Now that my son is older, he usually signs up to run in the 5K race which is before the parade, so we go down to watch that, too.”
…When writing a sweet romance, this would be perfect for a scene of family outing and getting to know the family members of someone a hero is trying to become a part of the family unit. 
…Author Andrea Downing said, “I'm in NYC so St. Pat's Day is a big deal.  I've been to the parade--by accident really--traffic is snarled and buses re-routed so I'm not a big fan.”

…In Rolla, Mo, St. Pat’s is the biggest event in town, every year, because the University of Missouri, Rolla, MS&T, revolves their yearly events around this day, and even their school colors and shirts and such. So the day is crazy, and if you are writing as teacher or professor as your hero, or a business owner, or bar tender…you’ve got your settingJ

…Question 3: What is your sign, and if you are an author, do you think the characteristic of being that sign affect your writing style? Writer Allison Harris wrote, “I'm a Gemini (twins). I write erotic under one name as Allie Quinn and paranormal under Allie Harrison, almost as if I'm two different people!”

…I know several authors who write under multiple pen names for multiple genres for branding purposes. I’m one of them. I write under Rebecca Savage for Romantic Suspense, and I write under Rebecca Draco for dragon shifters. And you should hear my answering machine messageJ Multiple personalities galoreJ

…Author Andrea Downing said, “I'm Aries, known for dynamism, energy, charm and charisma, as well ramming (no pun intended) their ideas down people's throats.  So I doubt I'm a typical Aries--something about having a parallelogram in my stars---and the only pioneering spirit I have is that of writing about the West.”

…I’m a Taurus. Enough saidJ


Julie Eberhart Painter said...

The least romantic gift my husband ever gave me was a grass whip for Mother's Day.

St. Pat's day, we wear Orange.

I'm a Cancer, so I'm the bleeding heart who uderstands. Most of my friends are Taurus’s.