Wednesday, April 2, 2014

4 Questions For You

Here's something different for you today. This post is not about me, it's about you. Writers, please share!

1) Tell us about your characters. Who are your favorites?

2) Tell us about your stories. What is your genre? What do you enjoy about writing in it?

3) What do you want to write next once you're done your current WIP?

4) Where is your favorite place to write?

Looking forward to hearing you. I'll share afterward.



Big Mike said...

My favorite character is always in the story I'm currently writing (luv the one your with)

Favorite place is in my man den

Favorite story - Blind Consent, given it was derived from the roots of my youth in the impoverished south.

Michael Davis (
Author of the Year (2008 and 2009)
Award of Excellence (2012)

Ceci Giltenan said...

1) Hmm. At the moment, my favorite character is the Hero in Highland Courage. Tadhg Matheson. Sigh.

2) I write medieval Scottish romance. I like the fairy tale quality of romance and I like the isolation that can be achieved in the medieval middle of nowhere.

3) I generally have several WIP underway. Finishing one means slipping more fully into another one.

4) Typically in a comfy chair, feet up, dog at elbow, beverage of choice within easy reach.

S. Willett said...

1- Clicker a ten-year-old alien from a planet in the Whirlpool Galaxy.

2- Working on the last book of a mid-grade children's sci-fi trilogy.

3- YA maybe set in the late 60's.

4- My writing office with plants, candles, and books!

Taryn Raye said...

1) My favorite characters are all of them, but probably one of the ones who sticks out a bit more than others is my actress, Juniper in the manuscript I'm currently editing- which is Book 2 in the series I'm releasing soon.

2) I write contemporary romance as well as historical romance. I love writing the romance genre because I love fairy tales, but with a modern realistic twist. Love is universal, and sexy.

3) Currently I'm deep in edits for the 2 series I'm publishing (a total of 8 books). After that I'm not sure what I'll work on. I have several projects in the wings, so it will probably be whichever one steps forward and begs my attention most severely.

4) Just about anywhere, but I do spend the majority of my time at my desk in front of my laptop. Today that's where I am, spring breeze whipping through the window and blowing the curtains around madly. It's a good moment.