Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring Opportunities and Saturn Retrograde

Today is the Spring Equinox.  Here on Cape Cod, if I want my pumpkins ready for October, I better start the seedlings inside today. We still have snow, so they’re not going out for awhile!  I’ll start the tomatoes and the cucumbers as well today, and some of the flowers.

Outside, the crocuses are out and the daffodils poke their heads up cautiously.  The forsythia and the lilac are preparing their buds.

Although it doesn’t feel like spring, temperature-wise, I get that restless feeling I get every spring.

How does that translate into creativity?

Well, Mars and Saturn are both retrograde.  When Mars goes retrograde, try not to get into arguments, because it will get more complicated than it needs to.  Saturn is the “tough love” planet.  When Saturn goes retrograde, if you’ve been ignoring your true path, your core integrity, you will get your butt kicked.  Every Saturn retrograde cycle you make the same mistakes, it will get worse.  So, if things are chaotic in your life right now, sit down and look at where you are not being true to yourself.  It won’t get better until you adjust.

Often, I misunderstand what Saturn is trying to tell me.  Of course, there are times when I merely ignore it, and then I really pay the price.  I ignored the fact that my path was diverging from working backstage on Broadway through several cycles; and every time I ignored it, the next cycle got more chaotic.  Until I accepted that it was time for growth and change AND DID SOMETHING ABOUT IT, each cycle got harder.

Once I made a decision on the next stage of my life and acted on it, the road smoothed out.

Here I am again, facing another crossroads, another need to end a cycle and start another.  I thought I understood exactly what Saturn told me to leave behind this cycle, and, as of the beginning of April, I am going just that to one form of commitment.  Over the weekend, I realized I was being told to go in a different direction on more than one path.  While I must fulfill the commitments made in that area at least until early May, and I know I will face challenges, I also know that I understand and will let go of that particular path, and the sense of understanding what needs to be changed and being willing to both fulfill a commitment and then move on gives me a sense of relief now.

Each time I had the epiphany over the past few weeks, made the decision to change and started acting on it, new opportunities opened up -- opportunities that are very exciting, in a new direction, and, hopefully, will be fulfilling for their cycle.

I like to set up the next secure gig before I release the gig that’s not working.  Yet, one of the lessons I’m learning is that I often have to let go of something BEFORE a new opportunity comes up in order to make room for it.  I need to spend some time in that scary place of freefall in order to draw/see/find the new opportunity.

The Spring Equinox is about renewal, rebirth, and change.  How are you renewing yourself this season?  What will be reborn?  What will change?

Whatever your choices, may they bring you joy!

--Annabel Aidan publishes under half a dozen names in fiction and non-fiction.  Her paranormal romantic suspense ASSUMPTION OF RIGHT is a Champagne release.


Victoria Roder said...

We're still snowmobiling in my area of Wisconsin so it is hard to think Spring. I guess, I would like my change to be accepting the things I cannot change and maybe getting more organized! A girl can dream.

Liz Fountain said...

I had to read this a few times, it described something so familiar! I've also been working on letting go of the things I know I'm not supposed to do, so I can focus on the work I'm meant to do. This winter I had to make one of those "let go before you have something else" decisions about paid work. It took less than two weeks for the universe to put something new (and better) in my path. Those were two scary weeks, though. Thanks, Annabel!

Big Mike said...

Real question is, what do you do with hose pumpkins once they grow.

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