Saturday, March 22, 2014

Perception, Time, and Reality Meanderings

I had planned to do so much today and then did what I should not have done, something I usually save for the hour before sleepI picked up my Kindle and started reading. Time disappeared. Papers looked over? Nope. Class plans outlined? Nope. Laundry done? Nope. Basic chores finished? Nope. My own writing plans completed? Nope. Hours disappeared in virtual pages. I tell myself I can do all of this (currently speaking) mundane stuff tomorrow when it becomes more direly important, even with the knowledge there are no promises of tomorrow, just the expectation of my own reality.

Our perceptions of time can change so drastically. Sometimes minutes drag by, sometimes hours fly. Yet, we all have a very good idea of what reality is: a steady progress of time in a certain location on this planet in this universe, but is this true? We all view reality through our own senses, our personal perceptions, but everyone sees from their own perspective, so does that mean with our world population we have over seven billion realities? Are there other realities beyond our scope of perception? Hmm. Look at me today, my reality has been lost in a book's otherworld, so there must be right? And Quantum theory physicists think so, too. They are toying with particle entanglement and developing theories about how the future may affect the past.

Scientist say each of us is a collection of chemicals made up of molecules, made up of atoms, made up of particles, which ties us to this often unfathomable quantum world. It's some forth dimension we can't perceive, but there is so much we cannot perceive, how can we claim to know reality? Especially when everything we learn seems to tell us how little we know. There seems to me no answer except this precise minute where I am with each future second falling into my present while the current ones slide into past on the time precipice of now upon which I sit. We live in the moment. Which all started with me realizing I'd lost time readingwhich I really need to get back to so I can reach the end.


Big Mike said...

As age progresses so does he speed of our personal clocks. Discussed the topic with several old timers like me and hey all agree, once you hi 60, the hands of the clock spin like a fan.

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Rhobin Lee Courtright said...

My son has done a mathematical model to show. You start at birth at a 1:1 minute ratio. I think my time is now at a 10:1 ratio, maybe more.

Julie Eberhart Painter said...

Agreed. The weeks and years speed by. As I get old and plan something for the future, I know -- if I'm still here -- the event will be upon me before I realize.

This perception of time is a gift leading to perspective and acceptance.

Proving how much one changes, 25 years ago, I mistakenly thought:

"Trapped in time are we with our perceptions/
Our friends and loved ones standing still at prime./
We live our lives of sweet deceptions/
And close the door forever on those times."

Rhobin Lee Courtright said...

Love the poem as it is open to interpretation. Isn't it funny how when you don't see someone you love for a long time how their aging surprises you? Funny how time and memory work.