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Z:  The history of literature and stage has been a series of supporters of Love at First Sighters.  Why?  (He wipes the powder sugar from his mouth as the Bichon licks same from his chest.)

A:  The idea is so naive and charming.  So optimistic.  So pie in the sky.  So wonderfully fairytale.  I like fairytales.  (Looks at the empty breakfast box, frowns)  So was that the last the donut.  Dude... it was mine.  (Notes that even the crumbs are gone)

Z:  This is January.  What about your annual diet?

A:  I die as I et.  (Martyrdom shines on her face)

Z:  Cute.  (Looks down at his notes written on a torn brown paper bag)  But what about Love at First Sight?  As romance writers some believe we trade in sex at first sight.  I don't but how do you feel?

A:  (She rises... becomes the stage actress) He sees her across the room and suddenly their eyes lock, their hearts pound as if one.  They move toward each other as if maneuvered by an invisible puppeteer.  Surely it was love.  (She flings out her arms dramatically and sighs)  I wish upon a star that happens to all that are alone, for I once heard, “Nobody dies from lack of sex.  It's lack of love we die from.”   The author is unknown. 

Z:  Are you disproving the myth or supporting its reality?  (He discards the pastry box)

A: (Notices he is hiding the evidence) Sort of both.  (Wobbles side to side in her chair, tongue sticking out of the side of her mouth.  The Bichon jumps from Zi to Ang and licks her face)

Z:  How is that fence where your arse is balanced?

A:  Everyone likes a little arse no one a wise arse.  (Feign licks the doggie back, and then settles the fur-bud on her lap)  Let me quote from the big fishy Dickster.   "Friendship at first sight, like love at first sight, is said to be the only truth."  Yes, Herman Melville summed it up balls on.  (She believed he'd get her Moby Dick reference)

Z:  (Brave bold brows do that get out the needles we're knitting confusion)  So you are a believer?

A:  And you the cynic siding with Israel Zangwill when they wrote, "The only true love is love at first sight; second sight dispels it."

Z:  Not quite.  I'm more of the Keanu Reeves sentiment when he said, "I believe in love at first sight. You want that connection, and then you want some problems."  Writers want drama... conflict... and resolution.

A:  True, but in real life there are problems with or without chocolate.

Z:  Huh?  (The knitted brows begin resembling the start of a good scarf)

A:  I mean, whether you have that lightning bolt of instantaneous love or take a half century to develop it, problems will arise.  We aren't Vulcan, we're human.

Z:  You are straying from the topic, no one wants to hear about Vulcans.  Some won't even know a Vulcan if they stepped on one.

A: Duh, they're fictional, which brings me back to so we write romance and how do we balance the story against love.

Z:  Oh, I get it.  The characters lust quickly and we may or may not have given them enough time to love, but if it is Love at First Sight, then they can as Christopher Fry wrote, "Fornicate between sheets."

A:  I care that our characters have reached a standard before then share naughty parts.  I know, I know, I'm old fashioned that way, but lust in my scattered brain of bewilderment is so much better with love or at least caring, or at the very least thinking and believing it is love.  Or in the worst case lying that it is love even to one's self.  Love has to exist.  I know, I know...

Z:   I care that they share the naughty with panache and style.

A:  You like the sexy parts!

Z:  I like making it real for the readers.

A:  So the speed is not important?

Z:  Is lust at first sight...real or really real...the answer might be in the cosmos but if you smoke after sex you are just doing it far too fast. (He noticed she was pulling on her coat)  Where are you running off to?

A:  Donuts!


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Only fell in loves once in my life and it was at first sight. Now she's made me pay for it for fifty years (g).

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