Friday, February 7, 2014


A:  (Walks into the office with an enormous heart-shaped box of chocolates, nearly half the box had already been sampled)  Happy Valentine's Day, m'literary connoisseur.
Z:  For me?  (His lips twists, almost expecting the action, as he realizes the box had been opened and ravaged)  Did I like them?
A:  It was for you but I knew you were going to share, so it was a pre-emptive sharing.
Z:  He began to, recital form, present a possible scene.  A very short yet meaningful morning. Valentine's Day… be mine? (He stopped)  Coffee is on the make… oops… made… be back… back.  (He jumps up and as he scoots off for some java keeps speaking)  Notice that the room is filled with opera…  Praeludium in E Major… a major Eeeee for me and theeeee.  A mood setter.  Love scene day.  The mood of the day should lead to creativity.  The weather is cold but warming I hope…no… rain… no… there is snow mixed in there… no fair… I wanted a nice day.   Sunnyshine and full of possibilities.  So are you chocolated up enough to be writing-randy? (He noticed that she was glass-eyed and had a distant look, yet hyper in that one toe was tapping as she hummed, I'm a Yankee Doodle Dandy)
A:  There is never enough chocolate.
Z:  Let's open with a poetic interlude… that is like a slow easy fuck for the mind.  (He becomes the epitome of the eccentric poet, ready to pounce on prose like a wild man.  In a slow though not droning voice he rumbles out the thoughts.)

Everyone is special in a different kind of way
Finds it genesis embraced in that truth… the
Is the glory when both know
Happy Valentine's Day

But to let that special grow… especially
Is the special threshold of
Known between friends
Happy Valentine’s Day
A:  Nice.  But I'm still not in working moody mood.
Z:  Cool word usage.  But Ang we have work to do... miles to go before we sleep... get into the mood...find your literary joie de vivre!
A:  Seducing like that, huge mistake.  (Searches the chocolate box and frowns, she ate all the cherry filled already) 
Z:  Damn girl you are a bit off today.
A:  I am, aren't I?  (Said with a chin-lift of self-righteousness)
Z:  Why?
A:  Where is my Valentine's present?  I brought you one.   (She shook the heart box at him)  At this rate I'll have to buy my own.   I want my gift!
Z:  I see said the carpenter as he picked up his hammer and saw.
A:  Saw what?
Z:  Your motivation.  You'll get it after you write the scene.  (He appeared impressed with himself, reached for one of the chocolates)
A:  (She snatched the box away)  Blackmailer?   Cozener!
Z:  I am not tricking you.  I am seducing you with the possibility of delayed pleasure.  (They did a little dance of Zi trying to grab a piece and Ang expertly avoiding his reach)  You know delayed pleasure, we write it every day.  You like the tease of it all.
A:  I want my gift.
Z:  I want our scene.
A:  Gift!
Z:  Scene.  (He snared a nut infused tidbit triumphantly and before he could put it in his mouth, Ang snatched it and ate it... after which she bounced proudly, bouncing that which too much chocolate blessed her with)
A:  I'm taking your chocolates and I'm going home.  (A pout defined her lips)
Z:  Figures.  Let me see the box.  ( He looks and shakes his head)  You ate that much?  Shame on you.
A:  Humph!  I am going home.  Where's my coat?  Have you hid it?  You did?  Fine.  I'll take yours.
Z:  What the H-E double toothpicks is wrong with you today?
A:  (Tearfully she confessed)  I want my gift. 
Z:  Ang... watch my lips... you have eaten far too much chocolate... faaaar too much!
A:  Have not.  (She put another nougat nugget into her mouth, ignoring the caffeine high, the excess has infused into her system... after a few chews she smiles with chocolate cover teeth and giggles... spitting some matter from her mouth having some drivel down her chin)
Z:  (Sighs the most elaborate sigh the world has ever seen)  Fine, here is your gift.
A:  (Frantically tearing into the bag, she yanks out her gift and gives the stank-eye to Zi)  It's a book.  (She waves it around as if swatting jungle-fevered flies) 
Z:  You like books... we write them.
A:  (Leaning forward... hands pulled into fists... a snarl on her face... she growls) Where is my candy?
Z:  Oh you bought that for me!  
A:  (Pouts.  Not just because of the let down but because she began to feel queasy.  Was there such a thing as too much chocolate?  She considered, then thought naaawwww)  Let's work.
Z:   (With a huge grin, he cracks his knuckles, begins to type frantically as he makes his suggestion and flips out his hand, awaiting her admiration of his perfect line)  Bare with me on this Valentine’s Day as I dance with thoughts of love… seems appropriate.
A:  (Ignoring his story ideas)  A book... you gave me a book on chocolate giving day.
Z:  Let it go.
A:  (Flopping her shoulders in submission) Let's work. Try this on for size.  Been thinking about you.  How do you like the huge box of chocolates I had delivered?
Z:  (Flopping his shoulders in submission) Fine.  Let's go to the market and get you some more chocolate.
A:  That right!  You bet you are taking me.  And none of the half-off stuff!  
Z:  (As they left the house, it dawned on Zi that Valentine's Day was a week away!


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