Thursday, January 30, 2014

T - Minus Thirty And Counting

In thirty days my publisher and I will launch my sixth novel (and first fantasy) "Tracks".  This is when things for an author go into high gear.

I have just finished the final editorial go-round with both my editor Sharon Pickrel and her line editor.  The ending was stretched out for more reader satisfaction, and a plot arc tightened up.  Still up for grabs is the cover art and probably a final read to check for formatting issues.

Not having the cover art yet is giving me fits, but I've a wonderful placeholder in that my daughter came up with a great initial design.  I'll have to wait, and hope I get the art in time to make an advertising banner before an upcoming convention in February.  Not that this is a smack against Burst Books - just an example of the pre-launch scramble both author and publisher experience (and the publisher has more than my book to worry about).

I've been busy sprucing up the website to include the new novel, its first chapter, and various other background delights.  The "Tracks" portion of my site will go live on March 1st (sneak peek).  Also redesigned my site (it is good being a developer by trade) to present itself on a smart phone or tablet without having to stretch this or prod that.  My Facebook page has also undergone some background picture work to reflect the new book.

Launch day jitters?  Me?  Hell yeah.  With my "Battle Dancer" series I could rely on a solid readership who knew what they were getting into with the last book.  Not this one.  My first fantasy, and not just your ordinary vampire or wizard story either.  No European tropes.  That's a fancy writer way of saying "No were-anything, vamps, fae, wizards, elves, or anything nearing it."  Can a fantasy featuring a purely American trope featuring hobos and railroads attract today's readers?  My originality (cause I haven't read anything like this myself) could either leave me sitting on the pad or launching toward the heavens.  This is the kind of bet I made two years ago, and spent all that time pouring work into.  This is the kind of dice roll writers do each and every time they start a novel.

This is the time when the mission controller says "The craft is now on internal power."

Kerry (getting eased into his flight suit)   


Big Mike said...

Don't ya just love when it comes together and all that work is staring you back, only now with a stimulating cover.

Michael Davis (
Author of the Year (2008 and 2009)
Award of Excellence (2012)