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In October, we discussed how to prepare a press release (Click HERE to read). After the basic release is written, your next job is to market it. If you live in a small town, you may have fewer resources, but there may be more than your think. Join your local RWA chapter, if one is available. They may already have the information available and will share it with you. Chapter-sponsored events with multiple authors may produce great results for you also.

If you don't have the information readily available, do a MEDIA SURVEY in your community before you are published. It will certainly make your marketing efforts easier. With a once and done approach, brainstorm all the possible resources you can use for marketing. Every community is different. Ask your friends and relatives for ideas. When you've developed an exhaustive list, research the opportunities available for marketing you and your books. Check each of the media resources you collected for opportunities to market your release. Visit the libraries and bookstores. Identify the requirements of each. If you can make a personal contact, get a name, all the better. Be prepared to modify your original release to conform to the requirements of each media resource.

Consider nontraditional sources for marketing your book or event. Traditional newspapers are fine, but there are other free opportunities available. Local free newspapers and magazines that are distributed by small private companies have huge distributions. They are small and operate on a shoestring and may accept your press release or even welcome the submission of short articles that are ready for publication. While newspapers may need only a week or two for to print your submission, the smaller publications with less staff and fewer releases, may need a month or more notice.

Another resource is community calendars. It may only be a sentence or two, but could lead to more. If you have an event associated with your book release, get your info into as many calendars as you can. A booksigning is considered an art event. Community calendars include those sponsored by the county, Art Guilds, local magazines, cable companies, and libraries. Don't forget the radio and television media. Both maintain local calendars and make community announcements which can lead to more extensive coverage. Finally, if you have an Arts Council in your town, they might sponsor a communal release that you can participate  in, for free or at a minimal cost.

IMPORTANT:  Keep all of your survey info together in a folder, along with your press releases. Being able to pull something that is already prepared is a timesaver. While marketing yourself and your books is critical, you shouldn't stop writing to market.

Note: I posted a downloadable basic Media Survey Form on my website's FREEBIE PAGE which also has a free contemporary romance, Wedding Interrupted, and a the TWV cookbook and some other author freebies.
Coming in February, Preparing a Press Kit  



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susan said...

Thanks for another helpful post on marketing. With one published and three more coming up, I appreciate this info.

Rita Bay said...

You're welcome, Susan. I learned a lot from Allison who is always willing to share.

Big Mike said...

Thanks Rita.

Another good local avenue is to join writing groups. They share local reading and show schedules and will include you, plus other authors share promo opportunities. My local writer group is great at that.

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Liz Fountain said...

Great ideas, always helpful. Thanks, Rita!