Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Art Of Being In Artist Alley

It's that time again.  In a few short weeks my city will be host to a three-day event attracting thousands of folks whom I would term as my kind of people.  Why?  Because amongst their numbers are folks who enjoy reading SF or Fantasy.  I will be on a corner table near the front of "Artist Alley" and adjacent to the main access way.  I will have both books and download cards, as well as multiple types of media for advertising the five (and soon to be six) published novels I've written.

None of this happened without preparation.  Six months ago I made my first move to ensure that I was still on the preregistered list from last year.  Of course I wasn't.  They'd lost everything.  Not to worry, because when you're six months out, there are still plenty of tables to be had.  Resubmitted my application along with payment and made doubly sure I was on the email list.

Two months ago I ordered download cards from my publisher after seeing interest with a handful of cards already given me for a Houston convention.  Three weeks ago I did an inventory of physical books and made an order to bring myself up to ten of each book.  At the same time I got my daughter busy on a new business card to augment my present stock.  Everything has arrived as of this week.

Nor was I standing still on my own appearance - which is generally in steampunk attire at these type of events.  Three months ago I finished the ensemble with some great engineer boots and it looks great.

Finally, I added a banner (supplied by the good folks running the show) to my website header.

So, here is what my inventory will be, for those wondering about what it takes to put on a reasonable display (and just laying your books on a flat table isn't anywhere near reasonable):
1.  A floor banner and stand.
2.  An iPad running a video of my series.
3.  A set of grids that will comprise a three-stack tower and single stack section across from it.
4.  A nice display whose rods will hold my download cards.
5.  Fifty paperback books.
6.  Twenty-five download cards.
7.  Several hundred business cards and two holders.
8.  A whimsical toad statue holding a bowl to be filled with chocolates.
9.  Several dozen postcard adverts and book markers.
10.  Writing pen for signing autographs, and various minor decorations.
11.  Water bottles and snacks.
12.  One each wife - also in full steampunk regalia (she started it!).
13.  Two roadies - my kids (who do anything for those free tickets).

And there you go - some of the prep going into attending a comic-con.



Julie Eberhart Painter said...

Good luck. You'll be a star.