Wednesday, November 20, 2013

An Update - November 20, 2013

Since it's been about a month since I updated everyone on what I'm working on, so figured I'd give a brief update on how things are going on all the latest projects...

Escape, my collaboration project with Lyndon Perry is nearly finished. Final chapter is in place, and editing is nearly completed. Cover art is getting the final polishes, and we're hoping to get it out for public consumption in the next few weeks. This is a departure from my usual Aston West universe material, with a steampunk/historical fiction bent. More info as the release date gets closer (and hopefully I'll get to post up some cover art before long)...

Sadly, most of my other work has been stalled out for one reason or another, with little to no progress. Still...

Fallen is about three-quarters of the way through the first draft. This one is another Aston West novella, along the same vein of Seeker and features Aston crash-landing on a planet where the natives mistake him for one of their gods. What could go wrong with that? Don't worry, Aston can always find a way. My hope is that I'll have it out early (maybe in the first quarter) next year.

Resurrection (although I'm contemplating a title change) is still only about half through the first draft. Aston meets up with some old friends, yet again...but with a little kick to keep things interesting. My plan with this one is to take the storyline from Friends in Deed and Death Brings Victory, and carry the ball across the goal line. With all the other projects (and life getting in the way), things have been extremely slow on this front. Still, hopefully I'll have it out sometime next year.

The only other item on my plate is one that I can't yet talk about...but I'm a bit excited about it, and hope that it boosts some sales...which I'll need to provide numbers for again before long.


Big Mike said...

Pins and needle us, will ya. You know we all want to see anything that can boost sales.

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