Saturday, October 19, 2013

Footsteps, Glowing Eyes and Shadow People

Even as a young girl, I was the one, the other campers asked to tell ghost stories around the campfire. These days, I love to write ghost stories. Souls trapped in the past with a longing for the truth to be told or a wrong that needs to be settled. Since it is almost Halloween, I wanted to know if you would you spend the night in a haunted prison?  

Moundsville, Alcatraz, Mansfield and Eastern State Penitentiaries all have tours and paranormal claims of residual haunts including moaning, crying, and footsteps. A residual haunt is a playback of an event that is played over and over throughout time. Experts in the paranormal field believe building materials such as slate, stone and iron have properties similar to tapes used for recordings. As living entities we release energy in everything we do. It is believed that when some people pass away, the environment holds onto that energy and it is stored in the building materials like a recording. Experts are not sure what causes the playback, but believe that weather conditions or a person’s sensitivity can be contributing factors to the playback.

Abandoned penitentiaries, once known for isolation and torture, are believed to have fostered an atmosphere of insanity, trapping souls in the past. Investigators also believe that some souls are able to communicate with the living by moving inanimate objects or in some cases speaking, known as an intelligent haunt. The prisoners are long gone, but the slamming cell doors, glowing eyes, and shadow people remain. Would you take a tour? Would you spend the night in a dark, damp, desolate penitentiary? Someday I plan to do just that, or perhaps I will attend a paranormal investigation with my sister’s team in California. 

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tealady said...

What a creepy idea to stay in a haunted prison.Can't wait for more.

Julie Lence said...

Not me, Vicki. I'll leave that to you!

Michele said...

I might stay--if I had lots of company and we could leave all the lights on!

Big Mike said...

You always have been a scary girl to me, Vicki.

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Julie Eberhart Painter said...

Mike, anybody with BOLT Action scares me.

Vicki, see if you can get the Cassadaga movie on one of the off channels. Cassadaga is a creepy, spiritualist camp/town near us here in FL.

Victoria Roder said...

Thanks for stopping in everyone. My sister's team investigated a camp/town in California and had some activity.

Mark said...

I druther stay in a haunted prison than one currently in operation, Vicki (g). Funny that Casadaga was mentioned. I once served on the grand jury in Volusia County for six months. One case involved a spiritualist from Casadaga who'd been killed by a homosexual prostitute -- a magnum of champagne was murder weapon (you can't make up stuff as bizarre as real life). So I reckon that Florida prisons would have some mighty strange haints recorded within their stonework.