Monday, October 14, 2013

Born to Write

I've been preparing for an upcoming blog tour lately and a couple of the interview questions struck me. They were something like, 'when did the writing bug bite you?' and 'what inspired you to start writing?'

These questions struck me as strange. Like any one thing could take a person from having no interest in writing to suddenly wanting to tell stories in words on paper and have them published for the world to see. Then again, no one is 'born to write,' when none of us is born speaking a language, let alone capable of reading and writing it.

I figure what we have is a proclivity, a predisposition or tendency to imagine stories. We can be born inclined to make-believe, to daydream and imagine events. It's as we grow older that this tendency takes forms like an interest in story-telling, writing, acting or some other medium that allows us to share those inner inventions.

Before grade school, I did a lot of acting out of my stories, running around with the other neighborhood kids pretending to be mermaids or witches or horses or rabbits in the warren of a bramble patch. I watched television and started daydreaming about participating in the adventures of Rocky the Flying Squirrel or Superman or Batman.

I learned to read and discovered books: the blank canvas where my own dreams could find a home. It took me many years to go from the vague awareness of books having that potential to actually taking my dreams seriously enough to give them the steady, concerted, repeated efforts it takes to turn dream into manuscripts. But I did so, and continue to do so and that's what turns a non-writer into a writer.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, but a lot of people think we're weird cause of those strange stories floating overhead (g).

Michael Davis (
Author of the Year (2008 and 2009)
Award of Excellence (2012)

Julie Eberhart Painter said...

I agree. Many people tell us that they should write a book. or could write a book, or God forbid, want us to write it for them.


Being able to write and organize thoughts and emotions so that our story experience worms its way into the readers' hearts is a gift we develope through practice and study.

Liz Fountain said...

What directs one person's muse into writing music, another into painting, and a third into writing stories?

Who knows?

I know I feel a certain "at-homeness" with words that I don't feel with numbers or musical notes or paint colors. So when it comes time to express whatever the muse whispers to me, words are my medium.