Thursday, August 29, 2013

Signs You Might Be a Writer

I seldom pass up an opportunity to read an author bio. It’s fascinating to learn how somebody came to the realization they wanted to write. Many authors instinctively knew from an early age they were destined to be writers. Others stumbled into it seeking a hobby and a means for creative expression. Still, for others, writing is a therapeutic escape. 
I didn’t start writing until I was forty-six. It took my husband’s suggestion to pen a book to get me going. Writing was something I’d never considered. Yet, as I reflect on my life, certain quirky indicators were present which suggested a tendency toward a love of words, creativity and story invention. For those of you readers who have yet to write more than your name on an official document, the following list is for you. Perhaps you’ve experienced similar situations. 
1.      After watching an episode of your favorite TV series, you re-write a new ending in your head.
2.      In a long queue at the airport or at a major sporting event you spot an interesting stranger in the crowd that stirs a plethora of questions. You then invent answers to those questions developing a complete character profile including, but not limited to, background, love interests, personality traits, occupation, hobbies, and whatever else your imagination creates.  
3.      While alone in your car or walking a long stretch of road listening to music a vivid setting emerges in your mind. You’re there, in an airplane, on stage, on the dance floor, in the boardroom or seated on a park bench with a stranger. A conversation begins and suddenly, you’re in a scene.
4.      You fall in love with the sound of a word and it rolls around in your head for a day or two. The word gets added to your ‘favorite word’ list.
5.      Similes and metaphors pop up frequently in your conversation.
6.      You reflect back on college and realize the best class ever was Creative Writing.
7.      You’re introduced to a stranger and you learn she’s a script writer for a popular television soap opera. You croon with envy and really mean it when you say, “I want to do that!”
8.      You keep a journal, but the journal isn’t so much about you. Your journal will have little scenes you’ve concocted; memorable lines copied from favorite books, snippets of original poetry, and a list of unique names you hope to use in a story someday.   
 If you recognize any of these signs, know you aren’t crazy. Instead, you have a writer lurking inside. Now all you have to do is sit down and start to write.
Happy reading and writing.

Joyce Proell is the Champagne Books author of Eliza and A Deadly Truth. A Burning will be available December, 1, 2013.


Big Mike said...

Yep. All of them except the soap opera thing. Never watched one in my life.

Michael Davis (
Author of the Year (2008 and 2009)
Award of Excellence (2012)

January Bain said...

Hi Joyce, I have another one for you. I tell myself stories to put myself to sleep most nights! Best, January

Julie Eberhart Painter said...

I've had those symptoms all my life.

My husband and I make up stories about the people in cars as we drive around. In one huge, long car, we noticed a guy squinting through his driver's window and decided if he were really rich he'd have a perscription windshield.

joyce said...

Yikes! I was a little worried I was the only one.

Allison Knight said...

I'm with January. I write scenes in my head as I go to sleep. Only problem - if I don't get up and write them done, I forget most of them. Like the other night - but I forgot it.

Nikki said...

Yep, all that. Plus I made up songs when I was little. And played with words, reversing them (tlas and reppep) or combining them (meatbulbs and lightballs). Another clue is that you get totally lost in stories.