Monday, August 26, 2013


Last month, we discussed how to develop a basic blog using Blogger. If you’re a novice and haven’t developed a blog yet, you should review last month’s blog on Creating a Blogger Blog in Ten Minutes ( ). This month, we’re taking our basic blog up a notch to enhance the blog’s appearance and give it the look and feel of a website.

A word about blogs embedded in websites or maintained separately. Some websites have a separate “blog” page where visitors can read your or your guests’ posts and leave your webpage without visiting your webpage to view product. Having your blog posts and your product in close proximity makes good marketing sense. Why give away your content (posts) without showing off your product (books)?

The layout and composition of the blog is critical. Last month we used a SAMPLE layout to start our basic blog. While Blogger doesn’t have traditional pages, we can expand its capabilities and make the blog pop.

Distracting designs and transparencies that make reading difficult or separate squares that distracts the reader should be avoided by breaking up the flow of the content. Before making decisions about your layout, check out some Blogger sites that you like. My WordPress site webpage ( contains multiple pages and graphic “billboards” with graphics of the book covers linked to purchase sites, as well as buttons that take the reader to pages on the website that feature blurbs, excerpts, and buy links.

The tutorial and Help for Blogger is located at, Today we’ll do color, text, and background. All of the are accomplished under DESIGN. Click DESIGN on the blog’s main page. The left hand column on the DESIGN page allows you to choose what you want to modify. Select TEMPLATE, then select CUSTOMIZE under the pic of your blog. I stuck with the SIMPLE TEMPLATE for this but you can change the template to any of may selections by clicking your selected template.

Under CUSTOMIZE, you can (1) change your background colors or select a picture graphic for your background (2) change the layout, or (3) adjust the widths of your columns. Today we’ll change the background Under CUSTOMIZE, select BACKGROUND. You can click on any of the color schemes on the left and everything is done OR you can select your page icon and it will offer a selection of categories with many pictures under each. Click the picture you like to test the background. When you see the on you like, select APPLY TO BLOG in the upper right hand corner.

Stay under CUSTOMIZE, select ADVANCED. Starting with PAGE TEXT, you can select the type and color of your texts and fonts of all sorts. The rule of thumb is don’t use more than three fonts to a page. Many more and the page becomes busy and difficult to read. BE SURE TO SELECT APPLY TO BLOG each time you make a change. After choosing the text and font colors, select BLOG TITLE and choose your font and color of text. BE SURE TO SELECT APPLY TO BLOG each time you make a change. When you’re finished, select VIEW BLOG (near the APPLY TO BLOG icon).

Check out the difference between my two sample blogs:


Check out the previous posts on webpage basics, Wordpress vs Blogger, Creating a Blog with Blogger.

 Next month, Gadgets and Layouts and Links.
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Julie Eberhart Painter said...

Very helpful. I see why you scoffed at Joomlar.

Rita Bay said...

I don't know anything about Joomlar. I use WordPress because of its ability to serve as a Webpage. But it is complicated for a novice. Sometimes you have to have a basic knowledge of HTML to do the work. Blogger, however, is absolutely easy because of its use of graphics. Rita

Liz Fountain said...

Rita, your "nuts and bolts" posts are always helpful and informative. The sample blogs help visualize the options. I think because I started with Wordpress (just stumbled onto it), I'm a lot more comfortable with it than with Blogger. But the main thing is to create a welcoming site that makes it easy for our readers to find what they want. And that's still a work in progress for me!