Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun

Almost forgot to make my regularly scheduled post today, being as it happened to be the second one I had to make this month. Silly me.

Anyway, I was going to post today about getting your creative juices flowing when things seem to be at a standstill. One possibility that's worked for me recently was the introduction of a second project completely unrelated to the first. I'd already been working on multiple projects all centered in the Aston West universe, but things were stagnating on all of them. The thrill was gone, I suppose, or just sheer exhaustion, who can really tell?

So, when a friend of mine suggested working on a joint writing project (I won't go into specifics just yet), I was a bit skeptical. Here I was, hardly able to get motivated to work on my own in-work projects, and I was going to add another on top of those?

But I decided to go for it, and wouldn't you know it? I started getting excited again, while we were going through plot summaries and character sheets. By the time we started working on the manuscript itself, things were finally clicking again. Since it's a joint project, we trade off writing segments of the manuscript, so in between my "turns" I started writing on some of my Aston West projects. And lo and behold, I started making real progress on them.

So, if you're having trouble getting motivated, try going a completely different path with something new. Who knows? It may just get you out of your slump.


Unknown said...

Collaboration does have some lows but the perks out weigh the difficulties. I've done it on three novels and would do it again. Major low is waiting on someone else, major high is interacting and evolving the fictional world with someone else, really enjoyed that part.

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