Thursday, July 4, 2013

Author Blogs

Many writers say an author blog is an absolute must. Among the benefits, a blog allows an author to build credibility, develop a theme and voice, provide promotional information, and encourage dialogue. Blogging is about building a connection with the reader that resonates and makes them want to buy and read your books.
Blogging provides a break from the art of writing fiction. Sometimes a break is a very good thing indeed. A different set of communication tools is used for a blog. Think high school composition class. A blogger must assert ideas in a logical, concise fashion and not bore the reader in the process. It’s my hopeful belief such a disciplined approach has some overlap and enhances creative writing.  
An author blog allows for self-awareness and individual growth as a writer. Using one’s personal experience as an example, a writer can puzzle through doubts and stumbling blocks. Any positive conclusions can be shared with the reader. A blog also provides a platform to vent on any topic of interest to the writer. 
With all these great reasons, I admit to some resistance in starting my own blog. One reason might relate to the staggering quantity of blogs in cyberspace. In 2011 the count was 156 million. How can one more blog thrown into the stew ever hope to offer something unique and interesting? And what if, after the time and effort to start one, I run out of things to post?

Consider the time factor. Some social media experts suggest it takes most new blogs a year to see a small following. A year without any response is like a solitary conversation. I imagine the experience is akin to a lone survivor in some remote and isolated locale. There are shouts and screams for help, but does anyone hear? Then there are the technical aspects which are intimidating for someone not skilled with computers.
The biggest question remains. Is an author blog worth all the effort? I suspect the answer is yes. What do you think? From your experience, what has been the most positive result from your author blog?
Setting up a blog is on my agenda for later this summer. Wish me luck.  
Joyce Proell is the author of Eliza and A Deadly Truth.



Big Mike said...

I think it is important to the author, as well as the writer community itself. How? I'm always amazed at the lessons learned that are shared via blogs.

Also here's another tidbit to add, most blogs die within the first year. That's why many larger blogs won't even cross link till you get past that year. Oh yeah, the TWV is now 5 years old.

Michael Davis (
Author of the Year (2008 and 2009)
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T. M. Hunter said...

Personally, I think blogs have become a fad from the past. I still have mine (although it now serves as my main site), and I still write for this one, but unless you have something extraordinary about your blog that sets it apart from all the rest, it's going to be difficult to find and maintain consistent, repetitive traffic.

But I do say that being part of blog circles (for example, I'm in one that usually posts Sci-Fi and Fantasy snippets every Saturday) does help garner fans (at least every week), and it can lead to finding new fans.

Julie Eberhart Painter said...

I've been blogging on guest sites for many years. As an opinionated person, I'm never out of material; BUT, it's important to have a persona/voice, theme, even if it underlying elegance or morality, or a genre push like sci-fi.

The reader should have some idea of what to expect and not be blindsided by a body part in the face or a political rant when said reader expects to learn about...blogging?

Readers like to know their authors.