Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Ideal Conditions

 What comes to mind when you picture a writer? Hollywood often depicts wordsmiths having a separate space, a loft perhaps, with a window to gaze upon the world and a door that locks to keep that world out. 

Man, what I wouldn't give to have a "writing space" that ensures uninterrupted concentration! Nothing jolts me out of a writing frenzy faster than someone coming up behind me and reading over my shoulder. Tends to ignite the rage fuse in my brain, actually. 

Unfortunately, my PC sits in my office space in the front section of my house. Originally designated as a dining room, it has no interior doors, only arched entryways which I close off with room dividers when seeing patients. But if I'm "only writing", the people in this house think it's perfectly fine to bounce in and bother me. At least the room divider makes some noise to alert me; at times I'm so into my story I don't hear anything until, "Hey, whatcha working on? Lemme read it!" GAH! 

So now the only time I have is again between midnight and three a.m. Which was great when I had insomnia, but not so much when my body is demanding sleep. I'm behind on a deadline and scrambling to get the project finished despite having visitors from the East Coast here for four days. Sigh. Guess I'll be investing in that 5-hour Energy stuff and Starbucks. 

What are your ideal writing conditions? Can you scribe effectively when real life keeps intruding?


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linda_rettstatt said...

Living alone has its advantages. No one to interrupt me here. Even the cat respects my writing time. I can write just about anywhere. The thing that bothers me most is when folks disrespect my writing by discounting it as a 'hobby' or something I can just drop to run off to a movie.

Big Mike said...

Does make it rough when family expects ya to participate in life. I get up at 5 AM and work till 8AM. Only time I'm alone and allowed to write.

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Julie Eberhart Painter said...

You've described the ideal writing space. I'm sorry you don't have it.

I had a 90-year-old friend, a fine-artist. Her husband interrupted her once. She ripped the masterpiece to shreads with her palate knife. That impressed him!

Nikki said...

Julie, I have an artist friend who used to scream at her interrupting kids, "You have another parent!"

Jude, I need solitude to write, too. Hubby shares the office with me, so I can only write when he's off to work. I wonder what will happen when he retires in a couple years?

Julie Eberhart Painter said...

Nikki, my husband has been retired 17 years. But, we are both only children, so there is a lot of mutual respect for our private spaces, and belongings, and...

Ute Carbone said...

This is a problem for me, too. I have an office now, but I sometimes still find it hard to get the mental space I need. Too many distractions. Like you, I write at night when the house is quiet. But that can be tough after a long day sometimes.

TKToppin said...

Ideally, I'd love one of those small airy rooms with a nice view and silence. Realistically, all I got is a hot little hole in the wall, two fans, work emails interrupting me all the time. My plan B writing space is on the bed, with the laptop. And like most...hate the interruptions. I'm surprised no one hasn't heard me screech yet!

Veronica Helen Hart said...

My space is in the front of the house, too. It also used to be the dining room. However, with no kids or pets at home, I get to make my own schedule. Bob has been working full time recently, so I can't use any excuses other than my own lack of discipline if I don't accomplish my goals. I find myself playing games while my plots gel, then suddenly I'll write completely unconscious of the time until it's time to make dinner.

Veronica Helen Hart said...

Correction - until Bob gets home and then I'm aware it is time to make dinner.

Jude Johnson said...

LOL, glad to read I'm not the only one!

Chelsea Burcz said...

I have built a separate hut in the corner of my garden. That place is very quiet and ideal for a personal office-space. I started to write after built that.