Friday, June 28, 2013


There was a song back in the day...yup that long, long, loooooong ago day that asked Alfie, a character in a movie what it was all about.  The song chimed words like sorting out, giving, kindness, cruelty, and of course, love.  There is one line that hits like a gale the sole leaf left standing on the autumn tree, Until you find the love you've missed you're nothing...

A:  (Looking over Zi's shoulder as he types) Who's Alfie?
Z:  Some dude from the movies when we were very young.
A:  Doesn't ring a ding dong.
Z:  We have Ding Dings?
A:  (She ignores, knowing she had better, actual √©clairs, hidden well)  Just wondering where you are going with this.
Z:  Where else, love and sex.
A:  (Brow furors, sees herself in a mirror and immediately thinks Botox!  Then remembers people saying it could hurt and promptly considers heavy makeup!)  Huh?
Z:  Read on.

Sex has become such a casual romp throughout the media world.  It is just a step away from a handshake or a hug.  The mood hits and bingo-bango characters do the bingo-bango.  Is that art truly reflecting life or life reflecting art?  Many writers, including ourselves, when we are Vixen Bright and Zachary Zane the quirky erotica novelists, we write about worlds of imagination, where instant attraction leads to instant sex even if it is sometimes just in the characters' dreams. 

Although we believe most people consider loving a person elevates passionate sex into something more intimate and rewarding, has sex on its own become a recreational activity?  The expression, friends with benefits, has been bandied about like a ping-pong ball.  Is this a good thing?  Is this a bad thing?  Is it simply what it is?  We are not settling on an opinion here, just wondering.  What is it all about? 

We have written books with the sweetest romance, to the sizzling hissss-off-the-e-book steam to downright burn baby burn.  We enjoyed creating every scene always with the reader in mind, hoping we have given them an experience they'll enjoy and remember.  However, in the end, the hero and heroine always fall in love.  I guess, in that sense, we are old-fashioned, we totally buy into romance, we still like to believe in the forever after.  We'd like to believe in the fantasy rather than the reality that can sometimes be cruel. 

A:  Whoa, get out the boots, this is getting deep-crapola serious.
Z:  Errr...maybe...maybe not...just wondering.
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Big Mike said...

Yeah, I've noticed the decline in the man/woman bonding for years. Even blogged about it. Seen it on beaches where neither male or female study the other team walking along the shore. Or the fact fewer women and fewer men then ever, when surveyed, see marriage as a target in their live. Truly sad.

Michael Davis (
Author of the Year (2008 and 2009)
Award of Excellence (2012)

Cindy said...

Yes, this saddens us. Cyndy and her spouse have been married for 38 years. William and his spouse have been married going toward 30 years. In our world happily ever after does exist. Not in the sense of fairy tales, for life holds tons of challenges but as the song says... you're the one I kiss good night. We think that means something.