Sunday, June 2, 2013

Getting Over The Slump

For the last few weeks—okay, all of May—I’ve been hit sideways in a slump. Writing has come to a grinding standstill. Looking at my WIP, I see the last saved dated was May 2nd.  Since then, I’ve tried, with half-hearted interest, to pick it up and resume my conjuring of prose. To utter failure.

I know there are a number of reasons why my muse has abandoned me. But the one major culprit is called life, and it getting in the way. That annoying, up in your face, predicament we all live in. Ah, life, how it just loves to hinder and annoy, smack you upside your head and drag you kicking and screaming through the nastiest mud puddles. Even if you’re having a ball, simply living the life and living it full and hearty, a simple thing like writing can get in the way of everything. No matter how hard I tried to set aside time to sit and write, it just didn’t happen.

I think that’s what happened to me in May. And afterwards, it left me winded and despondent and all I craved was to recline and recover. To hunker down and ride out the oppressive slump. The very thought of cracking open the WIP filled me with sudden lethargy. Especially since I had other, more pressing matters, to deal with and sort through.

But now May is over, or will be by the time this post goes live. And like Windex clearing away the ick from a window, I can just about feel the fug in my brain dissipating. That familiar itch to conjure words is returning. It seems the little pause, despite its rude interruptions, was just what I needed to refresh the mind. Now that all the niggly things that life threw at me are out of the way (and that includes the unavoidable trip to dentist—that was SO not planned, but is it ever?).

So, fingers crossed, it’s time to dive in and get back to the WIP. Providing nothing ELSE gets in the way…wish me luck.



Julie Eberhart Painter said...

I hear you, TK. It happens to all of us. With me it's when my ego takes a lickin' and stops ticking.

Writing takes confdence and enthusiasm for the project. When we're deflated, it's hard to get pumped up again. Welcome back to the keyboard.

Jude Johnson said...

Atta girl, T.K.! Can't wait to read your next!
(And I've been working on stuff fermenting far too long, myself.)

TKToppin said...

Thanks for stopping by!!