Friday, June 21, 2013

Following Breadcrumbs

I began my career writing Women’s Fiction. Then I branched into also writing Contemporary Romance (under the influence of my critique partners and because, I had to face it, I’m a romantic at heart.) Just for fun, I wrote a Paranormal with elements of both mystery and romance that will be available in November.

In a recent trip back to Pennsylvania for both book signings and family visits, I had a conversation with a cousin. She made a comment about something she and a friend humorously hypothesized about their parish priest and, wham, it hit me—the entire ‘what if’ that sets the foundation for a new story.
But this new story drew me into writing Romantic Suspense—my first effort in this sub-genre. I knew the basis for the story and I met my hero and heroine. And then…? That's about as much as I knew. I had last week off from work and nowhere to go. So I took a writer’s staycation—meaning I spent the week in my recliner, under my laptop. This is the way I love to write—fast and furious and clueless. I shared a brief synopsis of the story, as far as I'd gotten with it, with a friend and was asked, "What happens next?" Well, I don't know. "How does it end?" she asked. Um…I'm not sure yet. The hero and heroine will end up together. Somehow. It’s the getting there that’s still uncertain.

Writing this story has been like following breadcrumbs through the forest. No advance GPS-voice warnings for what's ahead with this one. My characters are taking me on a chase. Just when I think I know where we’re going, one of them grabs me by the hand and says, "This way." And I’ve never had so much fun. Come to think of it, the week was like an adventure vacation, except the food wasn’t so great.

Linda Rettstatt