Friday, June 14, 2013

Fighting the beast


Michael W. Davis

Most who know me are aware three years ago I went through hell fighting the beast, cancer, and am now in a stage of remission. No, this post is not about that experience (wouldn’t want to freak ya out with that story).  The discussion within is not technical, nor lecturing, just informative about a topic that could help you and yours.

Week ago I came across profoundly encouraging research (from a TED Talk symposium) in a field of cancer treatment/prevention dealing with the bodies process of angiogenesis. No, this is not a game, a sales pitch, or a farce. It’s real and by changing a little of our eating habits, we can significantly retard our bodies ability to be fooled into feeding tumors.

Turns out 30% of women and 50% of men by the age of fifty plus carry micro tumors but for most people they’re  not an issue because the body isolates them from a rich source of blood via a vascular tube . Then something happens and the non-threatening tumors spout vessels into the blood system and begin to grow aggressively until they get to a size where they metastasize via these new formed pathways. Turns out if you prevent the creation of these food conduits, or eliminate the channels, you can retard or eliminate the tumor PROVIDED it has not grown too big. The catch is most people don’t know there’s a problem until they’ve grown too far to be shut down.

Then what good is this info, right? Well, scientists are evolving a list of compounds that fight the growth of these vessels from tumors. I hear ya. “How does this help me now?” Amazingly, many common foods we eat can do as well or better than non-chemo treatments they’re experimenting with to retard/isolate the micro tumors when they’re no issue. Things like strawberries, red grapes, selective teas, tomatoes, olive oil,… wait a minute. Haven't I heard these wives tales before? You probably have. Point is, now they know why these foods DO fight pre-cancer events and how diets rich with these items can retard angiogenesis to tumors  and keep them in a non-threatening state.
I’m not pushing a product, spamming ya, or throwing BS, I just encourage you to watch a short video of recent discoveries reported on TED talk (free source). If you’ve deal with the beast personally or had it brutalize a friend or someone you love, you know how horrible treatment/survival can be. If you could just alternate your diet slightly and improve your changes before the micro beasts become devils, why not. The video is available on YouTube and here’s the link. 

The list of anti-angiogenesis agents in about ¾’s the way through. Also notice the fat mouse, how fat cells stimulate vascular growth to tumors, and what happens to his growth curve when they feed the butterball anti-angiogenesis extracts. Please just take 14 minutes, view the video, and consider for yourself the implications of this research.


Julie Eberhart Painter said...

Thank you, Mike. I know from years of watching the world working what you are telling us. I've been lucky, but many friends have ended in a remission they didn't sign up for. If this helps, "...pass the ammunition!"

Big Mike said...

Back at ya, JP.


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Liz Fountain said...

Great to get the research behind the recommendations, especially heading into summer berry season here in the great Pacific northwest. Another reason to head to the farmers markets and load up on my favorite part of summer!