Saturday, May 4, 2013

Packer Fans Relieved by Minnesota Law

The last time I reported on dumb laws still on the books, my favorite law was from Racine, Wisconsin where it is illegal to shoot missiles at parade participants. This time, my favorite law comes from Minnesota. Please leave a comment and let me know your favorite.

Did you know, that beer and pretzels cannot be served at the same time in any bar or restaurant in North Dakota? Yeah, I’ve heard of people getting out of control on the beer/pretzel combo, but I’m glad the law makers aren’t concerned with the beer/whiskey chaser combo.

A stupid law I wish they would enforce in Wisconsin is from the State of Maine. It is illegal to have Christmas decorations displayed after January 14th. In my rural Wisconsin area several people on my road alone keep their Santa and reindeer on the roof all year around. It is much less work for the Christmas in July parties.

Watch yourself if you’re ever in Alabama. Putting salt on a railroad track is punishable by death. In New Jersey, it is illegal to wear a bulletproof vest while committing a murder. Come on, fight fair and give the good guys a chance. My new favorite law, is that no one may cross Minnesota State lines wearing a duck on the top of their heads. Myself and thousands of other Packer fans are relieved it doesn’t say, it is illegal to cross the state line with cheese on your head!

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Big Mike said...

Being a proud southern rebel, I hate when government intrudes on personal freedoms. Case in point was a state law still on the books that the only authorized position for coupling was missionary. Can you imagine the late night sessions of monkees discussing the pros and con of that law, not to mention the possibility they might be crossing a boundary on personal freedoms.

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Julie Eberhart Painter said...

Another law in Wisconsin that makes me glad I'm living in FL is that it is unlawful to straighten your stockings in public. (A holdover from the days of the seam up the back.)

In FL, who needs stockings?

Victoria Roder said...

Those are too funny, Big Mike and Julie. You can't straighten stockings, but you can let your underware hang out the back of your pants!

Suzanne's Thoughts for the Day said...

In Coquitlam, near Vancouver, Canada, there is still a law that if you drive at night, someone must walk ahead with a lit lantern.

Julie Lence said...

I want the job the person has sitting there behind a desk thinking up all of this stuff.

Naomi Stone said...

As a Minnesotan, I'm very surprised by the law banning ducks atop one's head. I'm sure they /meant/ cheese.

Michele said...

In a suburb of Cincinnati the council annually re-passes a law forbidding people to swim in the Mill Creek. It's done as a joke because that creek is so polluted no one in their right mind would want to swim in it!

Victoria Roder said...

Thanks for sharing the goofy laws you know about. Naomi, If MN bans cheese I'm sure Wisconsin will have to ban the Scole song!