Monday, May 6, 2013


Domain names and Hosting are the topics in the second in a series on the internet, websites and marketing. First obtain a domain name, then a professional web hosting service or package the services together.

DOMAIN NAMES. A domain name is your main address for your website and is also called a URL, for example It’s the address that’s listed on the upper left corner in your browser. Choose an easy name to point visitors to your web hosting service. Is related to your website’s content. It should be relatively easy, simple to pronounce/spell, and as short as possible.

Selecting the right domain name helps achieve better rankings in the search engines. When someone searches for “author,” a website with the domain name containing those words will usually rank higher than those domains that do not.

CAUTION: From personal experience, some well-known hosting sites have a utility that says something like “see if your domain name is available.” If you type your name there and don’t buy it from the hosting site immediately, if it is available, some companies SELL recently-searched names to speculators. Those speculators will attempt to sell you your name when you try to buy your domain name.

HOSTING. The web hosting service provides the web space and other tools needed to support your website’s content, images, et al. You can register your desired domain name with the host or use one of the larger providers, like GoDaddy for a fee. In many cases it can be cheaper and easier to bundle a package with your domain name and hosting service together.

Many providers offer a free service where you are registered under their name (www . mysite @ wordpress dot com.or any The downside of a free service is that they use your visitors for advertising after you’ve reached a threshold on the number of visitors. Hate the sound of that? Wordpress, for example, allows you to buy out of that for $30/year.

When selecting a web service provider, decide ahead of time if you plan on developing and maintaining the website yourself or pay someone to maintain it for you. The downside of someone maintaining your site is the cost and having to depend on someone to do the work done quickly. The upside is that a professional will provide a better product than you could produce and trying to maintain a website takes away from your writing and marketing time.

Check with friends for recommendations about utilities available and ease of use. Search the internet for sites that you like. At the bottom of the page the provider is listed. Another consideration is to select the provider that maximizes overall performance of the website, such as speed, stability, up-time. A provider that’s up 90% of the time means that you could be without internet three days/month.

Next month, Setting Up Your Webpage.



Big Mike said...

Interesting caution note. When I created my site, I toyed with both options (pay a designer/maintainer or do myself) and decided the latter was better in the long run. Also decided to go with someone I can't imagine every going under (given many providers have a year lifespan). Yahoo charges me 13/mth to host and took be about a day to learn their designer software (Sitebuilder) and I never did one before. Very easy and does not require HTML knowledge. Note - their newer builders are not as versatile as their first product (Sitebuilder) so if you go that root, use the original software.

Michael Davis (
Author of the Year (2008 and 2009)
Award of Excellence (2012)

Julie Eberhart Painter said...

I'm considering letting my Web site expire on Go-Daddy in August. Would you recommend Blogger or Wordpress? Blogger looks easier.

Thank you, Rita, for your timely article.

Rita Bay said...

I feel the same about the doing it yourself route. For better or worse, I do my own website. I was originally with a well-known website host which provided a complicated designer software. Moving to Wordpress was SO easy, as is Blogger which is probably the easier of the two. However, Wordpress has a lot more flexibility. Next month, I'm writing in depth about both. Rita

Allison Knight said...

When the invoice came the first of the month, I looked at how long I've been with my host. 13 years. In all the that time, we have only been down once for about two hours, the invoices arrive on time, I have never had a problem with uploading my site, and the few times I've forgotten my password or login, Tony has been 'Johnny on the spot'. After tales I've heard, I thank my lucky stars I found this company when I first looked for a host. However, I now have a web designer. Takes too much writing and promotional time to do it myself.

Julie Eberhart Painter said...

I'll look forward to next months "discussion."

sanjith said...
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sanjith said...

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