Monday, April 1, 2013

Why I Will Never Catch Up

I have heard of authors who run into mental blocks wondering how to finish a story or what to write next. I’m afraid I don’t have that particular problem, in fact, I suffer from just the opposite. I guess that is what comes from writing over the last thirty years or so, everything from complete novels to bare sketches for novels, and then not taking the time to properly market or polish what I have. Another problem I face is coming up with an idea for a new plot, and then jumping in with both flat feet so I can find out how it will end.

For example, my year is probably fairly full as it stands right now. I have two full length novels published, one stand-alone novella, and the first of a series (Housetrap Chronicles) all out there in reader-land. If that is not enough, I have three more in the Housetrap series coming out throughout 2013. I can see a lot of editing and promotion coming up in the next few months.

So, what do I do to amuse myself? I just finished the first draft of a fifth Housetrap novella and immediately started mucking around with a sixth. (Then I really promise to stop that nonsense for awhile.) I have just completed two drafts of novel-length sequels for The Dark Lady, and am itching to go back and stir up another manuscript I have lying around in the to-do pile. I’ve decided that 60,000 words is too short, and I left the heroine in a precarious situation. (Lady Archeologist and her teenage daughter stuck in a spaceship with an alien who sometimes looks like Harrison Ford). Obviously what I should do is find out what happens next and whip up another 30,000-40,000 words.

There is an obvious problem if I glance around my office. There are a stack of short stories. Do I turn some of them into novels or just try and put a collection together? There is that epic trilogy I wrote way back when I first got the writing bug. It could probably stand a good re-write, but then I’m looking at something like 300,000 words. It might be easier to get around to taking a final look at the alternative history I wrote, it’s only just over 100,000 words and has been tugging on my pant leg begging to be sent out...or is that the blasted cat?

If there is any moral to this story, it is: If you want to be an author, you had better really enjoy writing. Don't be afraid to take a chance, go ahead and write something you might like to read. Besides, the very wise ones tell us that lots of practice makes for far better tales. Get at it and create something, and often. It is well worth the effort. You never know what might happen... like a nice warm cuddly book, or a chilly thriller!


The Dark Lady - February 2012
Housetrap - December 2012
Knight’s Bridge - March 2013
The Queen’s Pawn - April 2013
Dial M for Mudder - July 2013


TKToppin said...

I can so relate to that. :)

Veronica Helen Hart said...

Love it, Ron! Sounds like my files. I don't have nearly as much littering my office space, but I do have files and files of incomplete novels and snippets of stories begun. Most of my clutter is in my brain waiting to be put on a page. With two published novels, one scheduled for release in August and two more in progress, I must agree with you - one has to love to write or it wouldn't make sense.

Julie Eberhart Painter said...

Must be something about writers. I have the same kind of office...and then my Kindle calls me to read what others have written. Never forget that writers are readers, too.