Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The 'real' Writers Life

For years, like decades, I've wanted to write full time and get paid for it.

I've had the odd opportunity. When we first had kids I thought, Finally, I'll have time to write!

Mothers, you can stop laughing now.

Another time, when my husband took a job in a new town, I was able to stay home the first few months. I got on with the local paper and was paid by submitted article. That wasn't support-the-household level of wages, but it felt pretty good.

Until the mill closed and other stuff happened and I *had* to make full-time wages.

I found myself a new day job and it's a pretty good one, but this week I took vacation to catch up on my writing tasks.

My Champagne Book, The Healer, will be out March 4th. I want to give it a proper launch. That takes work.

I imagined putting in day job hours on the writing stuff and still having time to make supper (for a change), sort closets, take stuff to the thrift store, go for lunch with my girlfriend, take long walks on the beach with my husband...

I know. Enough with the laughing. I fully admit I'm self-delusional at least half the time. Probably most of the time, I just don't want to believe it.

What I'm getting at is, this week I've seen what full-time writing can become: full-time promoting. I'm putting in twelve hour days and haven't written a fresh word, if you don't count blogs and tweets.

I did line edit my Arc for The Healer (which made me so proud and anxious for this book to come out!) I also prepared handouts for workshops, got a quote on having a map drawn of Kerfdom, my story world, plus prepared a Reading Guide for book clubs.

This was fun for me--I'm not complaining--just saying that I can see how self-promotion can become a full time job in itself. There's always one more thing that could be fun or cool or could reach a lot of readers and hopefully entice them to buy your book.

(To that End, I'm also running a Win A Kindle Contest. All you have to do is sign up for my newsletter before March 2nd, 2013.)

So in an effort to find a balance, I'll put it to you. As a reader, what types of promotion work for you in terms of moving a book from Never Heard Of It to May-beee? Writers? Where do you like to spend your energy?


Julie Eberhart Painter said...

Delightful, Dani, and so true. Mike will have some suggestions for you. I have yet to find what works. I hate promotion, but I have been hitting the visibility with interviews and tweets, Linked-In and Facebook. I'll know Friday if that has helped.

You might to dwellwith interview blogs because you have a cerin charm i your writing style.

Julie Eberhart Painter said...

PS: Hastes makes waste when fast fingers are out of alignment.

Dani Collins said...

Haha, no problem, Julie. I got what you meant and thank you :)

How do you like LinkedIn? I have a very small presence there, partly because I joined it as my Day Job personnae and haven't figured out how to make the jump. And it is ONE MORE THING to keep up.

Do let me know what seems to be working for you.