Thursday, February 14, 2013

Crazy Thing Called Love

Today is Valentine’s Day. It’s a day when people think about love and a time when card makers, candy sellers, jewelry stores and restaurants capitalize on romantic fantasies. Neither my husband nor I get mushy about Valentine’s Day. After many years of enjoying a happy marriage, we don’t wait for a specific day in February to remind us to say I love you. Nevertheless, the occasion got me thinking about love.
Beyond loving family and friends, people love all sorts of things.  Hobbies, sports, the arts, books, even getting their bodies pierced. The list is endless. I love writing which follows somewhere behind loving my husband and daughter. As I considered the concept of love, I couldn’t help but note the similarities between a marriage and writing. 
To be a successful writer and to maintain a life-long loving relationship with another person requires effort, patience, understanding, humor, diligence and the willingness to communicate with honesty. Effective communication in marriage is like craft is to writing. You must learn the basics and practice, practice, practice. 
To love both partner and writing is my joy and sometimes my pain. They are pleasure and frustration; elation and disappointment; a mystery and contentment. Each relationship is complex and vital to my well-being. I hate to imagine life without them. The thought of losing either fills me with dread and sadness.
When I married, I made a commitment to make my marriage the best it could be. I make the same commitment with each book I write.
After a stressful week of edits on a book coming out in July, I sent the manuscript off to my editor. Exhausted and relieved, I declared to my husband my intention of taking a whole week off from writing. Since I’m in Florida, on a real vacation, it made sense to play and not work the whole time.
On the first day of vacation I took a long walk on the beach, toured a museum, saw a film and read a novel. I tried hard to relax, but something was missing. It didn’t take a detective to reveal what I already knew. I longed to write.  
So here I sit, the morning after my big declaration, writing this blog on the second day of my official vacation. And I’m smiling because I am doing what I love and my other love is sitting not six feet away from me. Oh yeah. Seems I no more want a day without writing than a day spent apart for my sweetheart.
So here’s to love…
Happy writing!
Joyce Proell



Julie Eberhart Painter said...

Very nice tribute to real love. My compliments to the "chef" who keeps your heart warm.

joyce said...

After thirty years, marriage continues to evolve and gets better.